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 By Representative Peggy Wilson    Opinion    May 31, 2012

Peggy's Corner of the House

Hello again. After a short break to visit family, I wanted to report, from my Corner of the House, on all the latest news. Between budgets, a special session, and redistricting, there’s a lot going on. The best news is how well the Capital Budget c...

 By Representative Peggy Wilson    Opinion    April 19, 2012

Peggy's Corner of the House

Hello once more from Alaska’s capitol. Well, the 90 day session Legislature came to an end shortly after midnight on Sunday. It was a mad dash the last few days, with dozens of bills being passed...

 By Representative Peggy Wilson    Opinion    April 12, 2012

Peggys Corner

Hello again from Juneau. We're down to crunch time now, with the major focus being on the budgets, education funding, and oil taxes. The House is now primarily hearing Senate bills. The Senate is...

 By Representative Peggy Wilson    Opinion    April 5, 2012

Peggy's Corner

Hello again from the Legislature. Now that we’re down to the last two weeks of session, the pace is really picking up and the hours getting longer. I was very pleased that my resolution to recreate...

 By Representative Peggy Wilson    Opinion    March 29, 2012

Peggy’s Corner of the House

Hello again from Juneau. By the time you read this report we’ll be entering the last 22 days of the session, during which we will be focusing on passage of the bills that we really feel are the...

 By Representative Peggy Wilson    Opinion    March 15, 2012

Peggy's Corner of the House

Hello again from the Alaska Legislature. Well, it’s still snowing and we’re still debating Education Funding, Oil and Gas Taxes, and lots of other issues that are so important to Alaska’s...

 By Representative Peggy Wilson    Opinion    March 8, 2012

Peggy's Corner

Hello again from the capital. This week we passed the mid-point for this year’s legislative session, so we’re on the downhill slide for the end of the session – with a lot of work yet to be...

 By Representative Peggy Wilson    Opinion    March 1, 2012

Peggy’s Corner of the House

The buzz in the hallways, here at the capital, is all about Education funding. We all recognize that if we’re going to keep America’s workforce strong, today’s students need to be getting the...

 By Representative Peggy Wilson    Opinion    February 23, 2012

Peggy's Corner of the House

Hello again from the Capital. We’ve now completed the first thirty days of the session. There’s a lot to be done yet, and I’m concerned about whether we’ll get all the important legislation...

 By Representative Peggy Wilson    Opinion    January 26, 2012

Peggy's Corner of the House

Hello and welcome to Peggy’s Corner of the House. I’m excited to be back in Juneau representing District 2 in the State House. I’m sad, though, that this will be my last year representing...