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 By Ron Loesch    Opinion    March 19, 2015


While the sanitation department gets the go-a-head to purchase recycling carts and a new collection truck, the Borough’s recycling program took a giant hit Monday night. The goodwill that is necessary to build the recycling program was sacrificed...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    March 12, 2015

Editorial: Keep Daylight Savings Time

With only 90-days to conduct the public’s business, we never cease to be amazed at the bills that attract consideration by our state legislators. In the, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” category comes SB 6 and a companion bill HB 64...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    News    March 5, 2015

Editorial: Leave our highway open

Despite the proposed statewide budget cuts, our legislators will not close paved highways elsewhere in the state. Likewise, they won’t restrict two-lane highways down to a single lane. But that will be the effect a proposal by a legislative...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    January 15, 2015


Other school districts, or any other employer wishing to hire Dr. Lisa Stroh, should contact the Petersburg City School District for an employment reference and ask the question “was she fired or did she resign her position?” Parents of...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    December 25, 2014

Editorial: Petersburg is old Norway

Petersburg's Fedrelandet #23 Sons of Norway membership should take a bow. According to Rikke Saetermo who hails from Alta, Norway, Petersburg is more Norwegian than many communities in Norway....

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    December 18, 2014

Editorial: Borough should bid on land

The borough assembly is listening. Let them know if they should participate in the purchase of land at Papke’s Landing. Some feel the Assembly should walk away from the property purchase. Too many adjacent landowners could make development of the...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    News    November 6, 2014

Editorial: Surprise… Pot is legalized

Having failed twice in 2000 and again in 2004, we didn’t imagine Alaskans would legalize pot in 2014. But they did. Alaska will now be headed down the road followed by Colorado and Washington State, which approved legalizing recreational marijuana...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    October 2, 2014

Editorial: Remember to vote

In addition to selecting members for the Borough Assembly, school board, hospital board and other boards and commissions, voters will determine the fate of six ballot propositions. We encourage the passage of proposition 1 which exempts municipal...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    News    July 3, 2014

Editorial:TBPA awash in allegations & miscommunications

The Thomas Bay Power Authority has become an outright embarrassment for the founding communities of Wrangell and Petersburg. From name-calling on the streets of Wrangell in September of last year, to this week's closure of the office after Manager...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    April 17, 2014

Editorial: Stough needs to be censured

The Thomas Bay Power Authority needs to censure its president, James Stough, for his action two weeks ago that ordered, via letter, the end of negotiations to allow the Southeast Alaska Power Agency to take over operations at the Tyee Lake...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    April 10, 2014

Editorial: Print is not dead, nor is it dying

The purchase of the state’s largest daily newspaper by an on-line only publication, Alaska Dispatch proves that print is not dead. Newspapers and other publications have value and they drive sales for brick and mortar stores and for on-line...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    March 13, 2014

EDITORIAL: Rebuild the hatchery

An early morning fire destroyed the incubation room and other infrastructure at the Crystal Lake Hatchery last week. The structural loss was valued at an estimated $3 million by the facility manager, Loren Thompson. The fish stock losses were pegged...

 By Ron Loesch and Kyle Clayton    News    March 6, 2014

Fire destroys incubation room at Crystal Lake Hatchery, over 1.2 million fish destroyed

The incubation building and the generator shed at the Crystal Lake Hatchery were both destroyed in an early morning fire Tuesday. Petersburg firefighters responded and fought the blaze in 9 degree... Full story

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    February 6, 2014

Editorial: Pilot publishes for 40 years

With this edition, the Petersburg Pilot turns 40 years old. Wrangell publisher Jamie Bryson brought this publication into being on February 8, 1974. The Pilot’s predecessor, Petersburg Press folded in January and Bryson stepped up to the plate...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    January 30, 2014

Editorial: Don't litter

While walking through Sandy Beach Park this week I found a plastic grocery bag on the ground, about 20-feet from a trash can provided by the Parks and Recreation Dept. I marveled that someone didn’t care enough to walk a short distance to properly...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    January 23, 2014

Editorial: Local superintendent search effort breaks the mold

Too often elected officials are turning their administrative hiring duties over to corporate head-hunter organizations which advertise and screen candidates to fill positions for city managers, hospital administrators, police chiefs and school...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    December 19, 2013

Editorial: New sawmill coming

The announcement at Monday’s borough meeting that construction of a new sawmill could begin as early as this spring, was good news. The employment of 35 to 50 employees will bring new people and new dollars to Petersburg. With the departure of...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    About Town    December 5, 2013

Editorial: Release the entire document to the public

The Petersburg Medical Center is asking the Borough for financial assistance with capital project expenses. This has caused the Assembly members to ask questions about the operations of the hospital concerning everything from the administrator’s...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    About Town    September 12, 2013


Tuesday’s joint work session with the Wrangell and Petersburg assembly members leads us to believe the work of the Thomas Bay Power Authority is no longer needed. It’s time to disband the organization and turn their responsibilities over to the S...

 By Ron Loesch    About Town    August 15, 2013

Where did the North Boat Harbor boats go?

How do you relocate147 boats and the moorings they’re tied to? Harbormaster Glo Wollen found the way. As Petersburg’s North Boat Harbor took on the appearance of an old west ghost town, it was evident that boats were being relocated with a... Full story

 By Ron Loesch    Opinion    August 8, 2013

Editorial: Let the police chief set the speed

The speed limit on Sandy Beach Road should not be established by a referendum, or a public opinion poll. The police chief needs to set the speed based on hard facts, not from a volley of public comments. In the name of public safety a few...

 By Ron Loesch    Opinion    June 20, 2013


The public deserves a complete and candid explanation from the Petersburg Medical Center administrative staff concerning the allegations and information presented at the May meeting of the board by Ramona Thompson, an employee of PMC just prior to...

 By Ron Loesch    Opinion    May 9, 2013

Borough lost opportunity for creating goodwill

Since the Petersburg Borough is a 6% partner with every business within their jurisdiction, it seems intuitive that their best interests would be served by working with those businesses to expand the economy with the use of tax-free shopping...

 By Ron Loesch    About Town    May 2, 2013

The 50th Anniversary of the Alaska Marine Highway System

In recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the Alaska Marine Highway System, we present these pages with news reports from the archives of the Petersburg Press in 1962 and 1963. The historic timeline information was provided by the AMHS. The arrival...

 By Ron Loesch    News    April 11, 2013

Tonka Seafoods buys Mitkof Cannery from Trident

Tonka Seafoods has purchased Mitkof Cannery on Libby Straight from Trident Seafoods according to partners Seth Scrimsher and Wendel Gilbert. The company’s processing space will increase from 3,000... Full story


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