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 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Editorial:Proceed with land sale

The Borough Assembly acted appropriately to advance the sale of property at 919 Sandy Beach Road by continuing the rezone process and eventually putting the land up for auction. Assembly member Eric Castro noted correctly that the action would not...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    November 10, 2016

Editorial:Be safe; use walking paths

The State of Alaska provided Petersburg pedestrians with one of the most important safety measures that money could buy. They completed the Haugen Drive walking path to Sandy Beach Park. It’s a smooth, dry solid walking surface that’s easy to...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    News    October 13, 2016

Forfeited moose meat to be given away

After nearly a year of planning, the volunteer committee headed by David Byrne has established a plan to distribute moose burger meat (from illegally shot moose) to non-profit agencies and food service providers in Petersburg. Under the proposed...

 By Ron Loesch    Opinion    October 6, 2016

Editorial: Protect industrial zoning

Waterfront property with utility services (water, sewer, power) is in limited supply. Waterfront property zoned for industrial use is even scarcer. That is why the borough assembly should uphold the planning and zoning commission’s decision to...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    September 29, 2016

Editorial: Vote Yes on Proposition #1 to keep marijuana commmercialization out of Petersburg

Voters who want to ban commercial growing and sale of marijuana within our borough should not be intimidated by some of the arguments for allowing the enterprise to exist. Voters should remember that there is no harm in waiting. 1. Wait for federal...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    News    September 15, 2016

Editorial: Welcome conference guests

Petersburg is hosting two conferences this week and next. On Thursday and Friday the Alaska Recreation and Park Association meets. On their schedule are topics entitled: “Love Your Job…Love Your Life; Managing for Millenials; Laughter Yoga in...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    News    September 8, 2016

Homeowners seek meeting records of AMHTA

Suzanne Wood, co-founder of Mitkof Highway Homeowners Association, on Sept. 1, sent a letter to the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority seeking records for the 11 August 2016 Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority’s Resource Management Committee Mee... Full story

 By Ron Loesch    News    September 8, 2016

Editorial: Trade land, don't log

The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority trustees come across as a bit heavy-handed in their effort to make an argument that their land parcels in Ketchikan and Petersburg need to be sold and logged before Congress acts on a land sale agreement that...

 By Ron Loesch    Opinion    July 14, 2016


I attended my first Rotary meeting in 1976. I was 23 years old and the average age of the membership was about 60. Dave Ohmer, Jim Leekley, Oscar Jones, Jim Taylor and Adolph Mathisen were among the established members. Today, Adolph Mathisen’s gra...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    News    June 9, 2016

Editorial: Acquire the docks

While we see little need for the Entrance Island state float in Hobart Bay, the Borough Assembly should devise and negotiate a way to acquire the docks and floats on Kupreanof Island and Papke’s Landing. Both are located along Wrangell Narrows....

 By Ron Loesch    News    May 26, 2016

Platesetter back in operation

Several readers have queried if our platemaking machine has been repaired. It has been and has allowed us to once again produce aluminum printing plates as of the May 5 edition. We were unable to produce plates after the machine that processes them...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    May 26, 2016

Editorial: Discussion is worthwhile

While some are frustrated with the ongoing discussion of opting out on allowing retail marijuana sales in Petersburg, it’s good to have the discussions now, rather than later. For some, the reality of the situation is coming to light. While we...

 By Ron Loesch    News    May 12, 2016

Editorial: Tax rates vs. property values

The Borough Assembly and taxpayers spend too much time discussing the question of equitable millage rates for differing sections of the borough. Many property owners say their millage rate should be determined by the quantity and quality of services...

 By Ron Loesch    Opinion    March 10, 2016

Testimony flawed by misinformation & ignorance

We hope folks in the newly organized borough will base their public testimony on the factual material brought forth by the borough administration and less on inaccurate hearsay. It was clear that few if any of the “outliers” testifying had even...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    News    February 25, 2016

Editorial: AMHS an economic driver

The Alaska Marine Highway System brings more to S.E. Alaska than transportation. It’s also an economic driver for all of Southeast. Most of the benefits fall to small rural communities. For every $1 in benefits paid to subsidize the system’s oper...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    January 28, 2016

Editorial: Divert funds for Kake Road Project

Since the Department of Transportation continues to push ahead on the Kake-Petersburg Road, it’s appropriate that the Borough Assembly takes action to divert funds from the project. Nothing kills a road project quicker than taking the money off...

 By Ron Loesch    Opinion    January 21, 2016

Editorial: Building remodel has been a very public process

It is illogical that the remodeling of the Borough Municipal Building should go to a vote of the people. If the public voted not to fund the remodeling project, it would leave the local government in the exact predicament they now find themselves....

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    January 7, 2016

Editorial: A dollar short and a day late

The public was not well served by the Borough’s marijuana advisory committee. At least not the 58-percent of Petersburg voters who favored legalized marijuana sales within Alaska. Many, like myself, feel the commercial sale of marijuana in Alaska...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    News    December 17, 2015

Petersburg celebrations

It was an eventful week. A big highlight was the anniversary celebration of the marriage of Bob and Carroll Nilsen who were wed on December 15, 1955. Sixty years of marriage is indeed something to... Full story

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    News    December 10, 2015

Fireball passed overhead from the Northeast

Marc Fries a scientist at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. continues his work to track the Petersburg fireball, which passed over Petersburg early on Saturday, Nov. 21. Fries told the Pilot,...

 By Kyle Clayton and Ron Loesch    News    December 3, 2015

Harbor video may help track meteor path over Petersburg

Petersburg Harbor video surveillance footage may confirm a meteor did pass over Petersburg in the early morning hours of Sat., Nov. 21. Eyewitness reports placed the fireball at times ranging between 2:22 a.m. to 2:33 a.m. Petersburg Harbor video... Full story

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    December 3, 2015

Editorial: Board policy on memorials is appropriate

Despite the articulate and sometimes emotional comments presented to the school board, we think the board is justified in approving its draft policy for memorials on school property. The policy allows for temporary memorials and sets the terms for...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    November 12, 2015

Editorial: Revive the rural guard forces

It’s appalling that since 2006 the ranks of the Petersburg Alaska Army National Guard (AANG) have dropped from 11 members to 2. Worse yet, as in Petersburg and Wrangell, the AANG facilities in many rural communities across the state sit empty. How...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    October 29, 2015

Editorial: Memorial options

The school board proposed policy on memorial placement on school property does a good job of justifying the reasons behind the creation of this policy. In short, the school will work with families to select appropriate memorial activities and events...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    October 8, 2015

Editorial: Motor failure delays paper

A 25 h.p. DC motor that drives our printing press failed last Thursday, delaying the print edition of the Petersburg Pilot. A Seattle printer printed the paper Thursday night and delivered it to...


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