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 By Laine Welch    Dockside    May 28, 2015 

Fish Factor

Alaskans will have to wait until fall to learn if salmon habitat prevails over a coal mine proposed at Upper Cook Inlet. A decision due earlier this month by the state Department of Natural Resources has been delayed until after a public hearing...

 By Dan Rudy    Dockside    May 28, 2015 

From supplements to textiles, creative uses for seafood byproduct on the rise

Public and private groups are looking at new ways to enhance the value of Alaska's seafood industry. The multibillion-dollar sector is of significant importance to the state's economy, and Southeast...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    May 21, 2015

Fish Factor: Fishery managers deciding to cut halibut bycatch by 50 percent

Nowhere in the world do people have as much opportunity to speak their minds to fish policy makers as they do in Alaska. As decision day approaches, a groundswell of Alaska voices is demanding that fishery overseers say bye-bye to halibut bycatch in...

 By Dani Palmer    Dockside    May 21, 2015

Keep an eye out for unusual dolphin and porpoise sightings

If you spend lots of time out on the water, you may, sooner than later, be seeing dolphins and porpoises you wouldn’t normally see this far north. Marine Mammal Specialist Kate Wynne, with the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, went over...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    May 14, 2015

Fish Factor Study looks at health issues common in commercial fishing industry

How much are fishermen affected by long term health problems like hearing loss, lack of sleep and high blood pressure?  A pilot study aims to find out and researchers are using the 500-plus members of the Copper River salmon driftnet fleet as test...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    May 7, 2015

Salmon producers scoff at claim that more pinks means fewer sockeye

Alaskan salmon producers are not buying the presumption that growing numbers of pinks are eating too much food in the ocean, causing sockeye salmon to grow slower and smaller. That’s the claim of a new study by Seattle and British Columbia...

 Dockside    May 7, 2015

SE Alaska King Salmon sport fishing regs announced

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announces the 2015 sport fishing regulations for king salmon in SE Alaska and Yakutat effective 12:01 a.m. Friday, May 1, 2015 – 11:59 p.m. Sunday, May 1, 2016: Alaska Resident: the resident bag and possession...

 Dockside    April 30, 2015

King Salmon sport fishing regulations liberalized

Sport fishing regulations for king salmon will be liberalized in marine waters of District 8 near Petersburg and Wrangell according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The following sport fishing regulations for the marine waters of District...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    April 30, 2015

Fish Factor: Wild brood hatchery salmon account for a third of state's total salmon harvest

Each year more than one third of all the salmon caught in Alaska begin their lives in a hatchery. There are 31 hatchery facilities in Alaska: 15 privately owned, 11 state owned, two federal research facilities, one tribal hatchery at Metlakatla, and...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    April 23, 2015

Fish Factor: The latest rumors about Icicle Seafood sale

Of all the global fish news sites, London-based Undercur-rent News has risen to the top when it comes to scoops on sales of Alaska seafood companies. The latest - Icicle Seafood owners Paine and Partners of San Francisco are having a tough go...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    April 16, 2015

Fish Factor: Bill proposes to allow subsistence harvests to be donated to schools, hospitals for resale

Caribou instead of corn dogs…salmon instead of Trout Treasures… seal meat in place of spaghetti – all could soon be available to more Alaskans if traction continues on a new bipartisan bill before the Alaska legislature. The bill - HB 179 -...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    April 9, 2015

Fish Factor, Bumper year means salmon will be harder to sell

File this fish story under the “can there be too much of a good thing” category. Alaska is expecting another bumper run of salmon this year– state managers announced last Friday a projected total catch of 221 million salmon, 39 percent higher...

 By Dani Palmer    Dockside    April 2, 2015

Sitka sac roe herring fishery wraps up its season

The Sitka Sound sac roe herring fishery closed last week after a quiet, steady week of fishing. The guideline harvest of 8,712 tons was reached by 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25. The fishery first opened for a few hours on March 18 at 3 p.m., after...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    April 2, 2015

Fish Factor

Volunteers are needed to help craft new safety rules that are being written for older boats – which includes the bulk of Alaska’s fishing vessels. Called the Alternate Compliance Safety Program (ACSP), it is part of the 2010 US Coast Guard...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    March 26, 2015

Fish Factor: Personal use prioritization gains momentum

Seven times is the charm for building some momentum on a measure that aims to give personal use (PU) fisheries a priority over commercial and sport users. As it stands now, the three fisheries all are on equal footing in the eyes and actions of...

 By Dani Palmer    Dockside    March 19, 2015

Tanner Crab fishery sees its largest harvest in over a decade Prices, however, drop

This year’s Tanner crab season saw its largest harvest in 15 years while prices dropped. Preliminary estimates show the 2014-15 Tanner fishery in Registration Area A (Southeast Alaska) is 1.42 million pounds with 84 permit holders, according to... Full story

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    March 19, 2015

Fish Factor

Print your licenses at home and go fishing. The Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game’s revamped Online Store is the go to place for all fishing (and hunting) licenses and it now offers two new features. “Fishermen, both sport and commercial, can now...

 By Dani Palmer    Dockside    March 19, 2015

Sitka sac roe herring season opens

The Sitka Sound sac roe herring fishery opened at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday under a cooperative model. Dave Gordon, area management biologist at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, said the decision was made by permit holders to eliminate competition a...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    March 12, 2015

Fish Factor: Legislators look to cut $12 million from Fish and Game

A nearly $12 million cut in state funds is on tap for the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game if state policy makers have their way. That was one early outcome of legislative House finance subcommittee meetings last week, as they wrapped up the first step...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    March 5, 2015

Fish Factor

Right after the yearly halibut catch limits are announced each January, brokers usually are busy with buying and selling and transferring shares of the catch. But it’s been slow going so far, even with slight harvest increases in nearly all Alaska...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    February 26, 2015

Fish Factor Quota brokers see peak year for salmon permit sales

Last year was one of the busiest years ever for Alaska brokers who help fishermen buy, sell and trade fishing permits and quota shares. “I was really happy to see such a good mix of permits we were selling – it wasn’t just one thing,” said...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    February 12, 2015

Fish Factor: Shellfish the go-to romantic food for chefs

Lovers choose lobster as the top Valentine's Day dish to share with that special someone. Crab legs and shrimp also get the nod as 'romantic meals' on Feb. 14 - one of the busiest dining out days for...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    February 5, 2015

Fish Factor, Walmart expands commitment to Alaska seafood

Freezer displays at Walmart superstores in Alaska and Washington now include a new lineup of 14 Alaska seafood items. The world's largest grocer announced the expanded commitment to Alaska seafood...


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