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 By Laine Welch    Dockside    October 20, 2016 

Fish Factor: Despite numbers, fish moving swimmingly to market

It was a rough salmon season at most Alaska regions this summer, with Bristol Bay being the big exception. While sockeye catches exceeded expectations, all other species came up short. But salmon stakeholders can take heart that the fish is moving...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    October 13, 2016

Fish Factor: Political hopefuls attracted to Kodiak for fisheries debate

Fish on! The lure of reaching a statewide radio audience has once again attracted a full slate of political hopefuls to Kodiak for its popular fisheries debate. On Wednesday, October 12, five candidates for U.S. Senate will travel to the nation’s...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    October 6, 2016

Fish Factor: Newest Alaska Leader Seafood product debuts nationally

Alaskan Cod Crunchies begin a national roll out this week with a debut at Costco's two stores in Anchorage. The dog treats are one of the newest products stemming from Alaskan Leader Seafood's...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    September 29, 2016

Fish Factor: Governor officially requests to declare salmon disaster

Governor Bill Walker has officially requested that the federal government declare a disaster for four Alaska regions hurt by one of the poorest pink salmon returns in decades. In a September 19 letter to U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Penny...

 By Jess Field    Dockside    September 22, 2016

Moose season off to a promising start this year

So far the moose season for the Petersburg, Wrangell and Kake area is looking much better than last year when it comes to illegal kills, according to Rich Lowell, area wildlife biologist for Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G). “We’re at t...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    September 22, 2016

Fish Factor: State managers believe the Tanner stock remains depleted

Cordovans are hoping to revive a long lost Tanner crab fishery in Prince William Sound as a step towards keeping the town’s waterfront working year round. The crab fishery produced up to 14 million pounds in the early 1970s and had declined to...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    September 15, 2016

Fish Factor: Fall is one of busiest times for Alaska's fishing industry

It surprises many people across the state that fall is one of the busiest times for Alaska”s fishing industry from the Panhandle to the Bering Sea. As salmon season gets tucked away, hundreds of boats of all gear types are still out on the water, o...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    September 8, 2016

Fish Factor: Crabbers believe the cause of the disappearing crab is changing ocean conditions

Bering Sea crabbers were stunned last week when the outlooks for the upcoming fall and winter fisheries were revealed. Results of the annual summer surveys by state and federal scientists showed that numbers of mature male and females dropped...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    September 1, 2016

Fish Factor: Process begins to declare the pink salmon season a disaster

Wheels are already in motion to provide two measures of relief for Alaska’s pink salmon industry, which is reeling from the lowest harvest since the late 1970s. Representative Louise Stutes (R-Kodiak) began the process last week to have the Walker...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    August 25, 2016

Fish Factor: Pace of the Chinook salmon harvest is down 42 percent

Alaska’s 2016 pink salmon fishery is set to rank as the worst in 20 years by a long shot, and the outlook is bleak for all other salmon catches except sockeyes. “Boy, sockeye is really going to have to carry the load in terms of the fishery’s...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    August 18, 2016

Alaska is more susceptible to Ocean AcidificationFish Factor:

Alaska is one of a handful of U.S. states to launch a go-to website aimed at keeping ocean acidification in the public eye. The Alaska Ocean Acidification Network, a collaboration of state and federal scientists, agencies, tribes, conservation,...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    August 11, 2016

Fish Factor: Pink salmon, the "bread and butter" fish for the fleet

Two big fish stories have been spawned so far by the 2016 Alaska salmon season: 1) sockeyes save the day; and 2) colossal pinks. A larger than expected sockeye salmon catch that has topped 50 million will salvage a summer that has seen lackluster...

 Dockside    August 4, 2016  
 By Laine Welch    Dockside    August 4, 2016

Fish Factor: Mariculture could model Alaska's successful salmon enhancement program

Who knows more about local salmon and their habitats than Alaska fishermen? That’s the impetus behind a new information-gathering project spawned by United Fishermen of Alaska (UFA) that aims to provide useful and timely news about the health of...

 Dockside    July 21, 2016  
 Dockside    July 21, 2016  
 By Laine Welch    Dockside    July 21, 2016

Fish Factor: Sea Share donations to food banks grows beyond Alaska

The decades-old ‘bycatch to food banks’ program has grown far beyond its original Alaska beginnings. Today, only 10 percent of the fish going to hunger relief programs is bycatch of primarily halibut and salmon taken accidentally in other...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    July 14, 2016

Fish Factor

Salmon takes center stage each summer but many other fisheries also are in full swing from Ketchikan to Kotzebue. For salmon, total catches by July 8 were nearing 28 million fish, of which 10 million were sockeyes, primarily from Bristol Bay. Last...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    July 7, 2016

Fish Factor

The United Kingdom’s recent exit from the European Union – dubbed Brexit — has turned seafood trading on its head. For 43 years the UK has been a major part of the 28 country EU, and what the pull out means for longstanding business...

 Dockside    June 30, 2016  
 By Laine Welch    Dockside    June 30, 2016

Fish Factor: Tidal Vision turning crab shells into every day products

Turning crab shells into every day products is becoming a reality for the Tidal Vision team of eco-entrepreneurs from Juneau. The products are derived from chitin in the crab shells, the second most abundant biopolymer on the planet after cellulose....

 Dockside    June 23, 2016  
 By Laine Welch    Dockside    June 23, 2016

Fish Factor: Seattle restaurants put herring on the menu to prove a point

There’s much more to Alaska herring than roe and bait. To prove that point, nearly 40 of Seattle’s finest restaurants and retailers will celebrate Northwest Herring Week as a way to re-introduce the tasty, health fish to the dining scene....

 Dockside    June 16, 2016  
 Dockside    June 16, 2016  

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