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 Opinion    October 27, 2016 

Letters to the Editor

Vote your conscience To the Editor: The current political environment in America is very polarized and vitriolic. Many are, rightfully, disillusioned with the two party system and really want a fresh choice. Many people do not like either of the...

 Opinion    October 13, 2016

To the Editor

Tax the biggest city To the Editor: To Governor Bill Walker - instead of stealing money from Alaskans, why not tax one of the biggest cities in Alaska – Anchorage? Tax them with sales tax, alcohol tax and car and tire sales tax. Why you are not...

 By Ron Loesch    Opinion    October 6, 2016

Editorial: Protect industrial zoning

Waterfront property with utility services (water, sewer, power) is in limited supply. Waterfront property zoned for industrial use is even scarcer. That is why the borough assembly should uphold the planning and zoning commission’s decision to...

 Opinion    October 6, 2016

To the Editor

Thank you for movie To the Editor: Thank you to all who organized the showing of the movie “Chasing the Dragon.” And thank you to the panel members. It was worth seeing. I do wish that someone on the panel had responded to the person who asked...

 Opinion    September 29, 2016

To the Editor

Ballot initiative wording confusing To the Editor: Voters in the October municipal election need to be careful when they check their preference. In simple terms, no means yes and yes means no. If no, you don’t want the legal sale of marijuana in...

 By Ron Loesch Publisher    Opinion    September 29, 2016

Editorial: Vote Yes on Proposition #1 to keep marijuana commmercialization out of Petersburg

Voters who want to ban commercial growing and sale of marijuana within our borough should not be intimidated by some of the arguments for allowing the enterprise to exist. Voters should remember that there is no harm in waiting. 1. Wait for federal...

 By Bill Walker Governor    Opinion    September 29, 2016

Governor: Smaller dividends are painful but prudent

Alaskans will soon receive our annual dividend checks. This year’s $1,022 check for every qualified resident will help Alaska families with things like winter fuel, food and clothes, holiday gifts, and saving for college. These checks will boost...

 Opinion    September 22, 2016

Letters to the Editor

Search and Rescue tips To the Editor: This past Wednesday evening a young boy in our community became lost. Thanks to the dedication of many in this community he was found cold but safe. As I witness the out pouring of volunteers willing to go out...

 Opinion    September 15, 2016

To the Editor: Another View

To the Editor: As there have been a few letters against the cultivation and sales of marijuana in our town I would like to share my personal opinions from the other side. I am in favor for the cultivation and retail sale of Marijuana in the Borough...

 Opinion    September 1, 2016

To the Editor

Thinking outside the box To the Editor: The Greater Southeast Alaska Conservation Community believes there are better solutions than a land exchange to solve the highly controversial Alaska Mental Health Trust debacle. The exchange is detailed in...

 Opinion    August 11, 2016

To the Editor

Marijuana, AMA approved Letter to the Editor: 1) I find comfort, and so should you, that the largest American Medical Association comprised of thousands of doctors; as well as the American Oncology Society; just to name two, have petitioned congress...

 Opinion    August 4, 2016

To the Editor

Choose to do less harm To the Editor: The following facts about marijuana are taken from a lecture I attended by Darryl Inada CAT-V, CADC 111 and PH.D in Pharmacology at the 42nd Annual School on Addictions and Behavioral Health held in Anchorage on...

 Opinion    July 28, 2016

Letters to the Editor

Everyone is welcome To the Editor: Landscaping has been ongoing at the Public Library this summer and I have heard people ask, “How can they spend so much money on plants when money is so tight right now?” The work was paid for with state grants...

 Opinion    July 21, 2016

Letters to the Editor

We’ll never forget To the Editor: We want to thank the Petersburg community for the kindness and support you gave to us after the tragic loss of our granddaughter and niece, Molly Parks. Molly will be forever in our memories and hearts. She was...

 Opinion    July 14, 2016

Letters to the Editor

Overwhelming generosity To the Editor: We, as a family, continue to be overwhelmed by the generosity and outpouring of support and love from Petersburg, our family, and our friends. Thank you. It does make a difference. I cannot say that we are...

 By Ron Loesch    Opinion    July 14, 2016


I attended my first Rotary meeting in 1976. I was 23 years old and the average age of the membership was about 60. Dave Ohmer, Jim Leekley, Oscar Jones, Jim Taylor and Adolph Mathisen were among the established members. Today, Adolph Mathisen’s gra...

 Opinion    July 14, 2016


Patrick R. Murphy, 58, of Juneau, passed away on July 1, 2016.  Patrick was born the third child of Mark and Patricia Murphy, of Magnolia, Washington on July 26, 1957. Patrick was a 1976 graduate of Queen Anne High School and was employed at...

 Opinion    July 7, 2016

To the Editor

Performed heroically To the Editor: We  all just been through a very difficult time. Our hearts and prayers are with those who lost family and friends on the morning of July 4th. I would like to tell you that those members of your volunteer fire... Full story

 Opinion    July 7, 2016

Letter from the Mayor

It is with a heavy heart that I make this statement. The Petersburg Borough sends heartfelt condolences to the Giesbrecht and Parks families for the loss of their daughters. Petersburg will truly miss their presence. Our thoughts are also with the... Full story

 Opinion    June 23, 2016

To the Editor

Thank You To the Editor: On Saturday evening, June 11, I was in serious health trouble while visiting Alaska on a friend’s boat, the Liliana. In severe pain, and having had open heart surgery years before, our skipper, was on the radio with the...

 Opinion    June 16, 2016

To the Editor

Considering both sides To the Editor: When any entrepreneur is deciding to invest in a community, one would generally check with as many of the other investors first and assess any obstacles. A very successful business person once told me that “Jus...

 Opinion    June 9, 2016

To the Editor

Popular doesn't make it good To the Editor: Learning facts is important. Re-learning facts is also important, and sometimes exacting and painful. Take tobacco. Around 400 years ago people colonizing in Virginia learned to smoke tobacco from local Nat...

 Opinion    June 2, 2016

To the Editor:

Better safe than sorry To the Editor: It seems to me, that for all practical purposes, with the State vote on marijuana sale within the state, that the ballot wording and subsequent vote, definitely provided for individual cities and towns to decide...

 By Ketchikan Daily News    Opinion    June 2, 2016

Guest Editorial: Treat ferry system like a business

The Alaska Marine Highway System should become — at least in part — a private enterprise. AMHS has been in business for 50 years; like most businesses, it’s had its problems and it’s even come up with solutions within the realm of...

 Opinion    May 26, 2016

To the Editor

LNF thank you To the Editor: On behalf of the Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and the Little Norway Festival Committee, I would like to thank everyone who has helped make the 2016 Little Norway Festival a complete success. There is not enough room to...


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