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This scenic photo from the 1930s shows Petersburg’s waterfront with an Alaska Airways Marchetti plane docked.

January 13, 1982 - It was slow at the Post Office and the airport last week but the Street Department was kept hopping by the 18 inches of snow that fell in Petersburg between Wednesday and Sunday.

City snow plows were in operation approximately 50 percent of that time with the bulk of the plowing done at night according to Public Works Superintendent Dusty Rhoden.

The weather also caused cancellation of virtually all flights into Petersburg and as a result the city received no mail last week. The only outgoing mail went on a northbound flight Jan. 6.

Saturday brought better visibility and the week’s mail.

Things are also back to normal at Alaska Airlines after the cancellation of nine of the 10 scheduled flights last week.

January 9, 1992 - The Petersburg City Council voted 6-1 Monday night to upgrade Tent City facilities this year and bring the campground back under the wing of the city.

The plan places Tent City—which houses cannery workers in the summer—under the direct supervision of the Parks and Recreation Department, which Mayor D.A. Coon deemed appropriate since residents “go out there and park and wreck,” he said.

Previously, the city had contracted someone to run the facility. But Bob Rogers, who has managed Tent City for the past several years, brought the campground to the city’s attention this fall because of inadequate facilities and frequent fights and disturbances.

The plan is designed to make the facility self-funding through user fees, which should reap about $17,760 a year. Profits would be used for future expansion.

January 17, 2002 - Sabrina Richmond who came into the world with spirit and fire, two months prematurely was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

23 years later after 16 major operations in 12 years, Richmond will carry the Olympic Torch of the 2002 Winter games in Juneau.

“It made me feel good,” stated Richmond of the nomination. “It’s an honor.”


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