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Putting it in writing

To the Editor:

To: Steve Giesbrecht,

City Manager The City is not telling the whole story. I wanted to clear up a few things in regards to the false statements and allegations of me being unresponsive or unwilling to comply that were made by the city in last week's newspaper.

After receiving the letter of alleged violations in August, 2011, I personally escorted Mr. Leo Luczak throughout the Leconte Trailer Park to show him that all of the water and sewer is and has been functional for every space in the trailer park.

On October 25, 2011 I turned in a proposal to Mr. Leo Luczak. This proposal was a drawing of the trailer park after implementing changes and adjustments to the park to bring it into compliance with the City's requests. This would include eliminating four of the current trailer spaces. The park plan for the last 15 years has consisted of 14 trailer spaces with 14 city power meters and water/sewer hookups in the park. City code requires a permit for water, sewage, and electric installs to be hooked up and it is also required to submit a park plan to establish an RV or trailer park, so it is quite obvious that this park was originally licensed for 14 trailer spaces.

Arrangements have been made with our tenants to either dispose of or relocate trailers that do not belong to us, an example would be the dilapidated trailer in Space 2. The owner was given a 30 day notice to remove all personal items in the trailer by January 1, 2012 so that we could haul it off for her. The tenant complied and the trailer is scheduled to be removed the weekend of January 14, 2012.

Along with the new plans that were submitted, there was also a letter, attached, pleading the case for Mr. Robison and his trailer, which is alleged to be in the city right of way these past 15 years.

As of January 10, 2012, the owner of the trailer, Michael Robison (who has been paying the property taxes on this trailer for the past 15 years) has not been contacted by the city about the removal of his trailer. I do not think it is right, that after the city has been notified of ownership, you are still trying to hold me liable for Mr. Robison's trailer.

Since I submitted the Park Plans and the Robison letter to Mr. Leo Luczak, on October 25, 2011, I have not yet been contacted in any way, shape or form by the City or their attorney, in regards to Leconte RV Park (make note that today is January 10, 2012.) So at this point it is the City that has been non-responsive for the past 75 days. It was the January 5th newspaper that brought to my attention that the city is wanting to condemn and seize my property. Since that time I have made great efforts to speak to the city manager, Steve Giesbrecht and Mr. Leo Luczak and was notified by city Fire Marshall Ryan Welde that I was not allowed to speak to any City Officials about this, and if I had any thing to say it must be submitted in writing. So here ya go.

Charles Davis

Good Investments


and input appreciated

To the Editor:

The Alaska Board of Fisheries (BOF) will be holding a public meeting in Petersburg to address proposals on Southeast and Yakutat crab (Dungeness, king and tanner), shrimp and misc. shellfish. This meeting will be held in the Sons of Norway Hall, January 15 through 21.

Last year I submitted a BOF proposal that would phase out the use of square pots (or side loading pots) in the Southeast Brown King crab fishery. Previous IPHC/ADF&G joint research concluded that square pots have significantly more halibut by-catch then cone pots (top loading). Each year, the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) estimates halibut by-catch mortality from fisheries and this by-catch is then subtracted from the total allowable catch (total CEY) and effectively lowers the allowable harvest for the commercial longline fishery.

The IPHC halibut bycatch mortality estimate for Area 2C (Southeast) is 340,000 net lbs. of which 303,000 net lbs (or 89%) is attributed to crab pots and shrimp trawls. The amount of halibut bycatch from shrimp trawls at this time is negligible so that the bycatch estimate is primarily for the SE crab pot fisheries. In the most recent IPHC bycatch report, the IPHC only references one fishery – the SE brown king crab fishery.

With the commercial longline fleet being at the bottom of the user table, and with a 2.3 million lb quota in 2011 in 2C, the bycatch mortality from pots reduced your catch last year by 13%.

If you have an interest and/or are concerned, I would appreciate your support and input at the Board of Fisheries meeting for Proposal 154. The deadline to sign up for oral testimony is 2:00 p Sunday the 15th, and oral testimony is slated to take place that afternoon. Public testimony will continue until all those who are present at the meeting are heard.

Steve Thynes

A job well done

To the Editor:

I would like to congratulate Chief Agner and his fellow officers for their excellent work in pursuing drug trafficking in Petersburg and Southeast Alaska. Chief Agner has shown great courage and dedication in taking on one of our town’s most severe problems that has gone on unchecked for way too many decades. Petersburg, being a wealthy town attracts many excellent options, but it also has more than its share of drugs and drug dealers and I really like seeing a proactive effort to clean our town up and take out the trash. Thanks, Chief for working collaboratively and cooperatively with your citizens, law enforcement throughout Alaska and the country.

Please pass your secret of collaboration and cooperation on to our US Congress and Senate so they can help our country work together in solving problems, Petersburg’s model seems to work.

John Havrilek


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