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Nearly six pounds of marijuana seized from shipment to Kake


Heidi Agner displays the packages of marijuana.

PETERSBURG — Slightly less than six pounds of marijuana was seized Sunday, Jan. 22 from a shipping tote at Alaska Marine Lines. Police Chief Jim Agner said Tuesday the entire shipment was destined for Kake. He added that a Kake resident is a suspect in the case.

The value of the seized marijuana was in excess of $64,000 according to Agner. An average street value for the drug is $25/gram. Depending upon who you are, users will pay $20 to $30/gram while high school kids pay as much as $35/gram, according to the chief.

Agner said three vacuum-sealed bags of the drug were seized after a search warrant was served on Alaska Marine Lines in Petersburg to search two shipping totes. The totes were being transferred to a container destined for Kake according to police.

Agner said on Tuesday the seizure is a part of an ongoing SEACAD investigation in which Agner’s wife Sgt. Heidi Agner is participating. The seizure is not related to the heroin and methamphetamine secured in a bust two weeks ago.

Of the recent cases, Agner said, “I don’t know if we’ll get these cases prosecuted, but at least we’re getting this stuff off the streets.”


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