January 26, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 4

Letters to the Editor

Moved in

To the Editor:

Now that the Volunteer Fire Department has moved into Station One, we'd like to thank the State of Alaska for the funding for our new building. Countless hours were put into the design plans for the building and overseeing the construction of an energy efficient structure.

If we step back a few years, our city manager recognized that the Department was still struggling with the cramped facility on Nordic and approached our Legislators who were successful in adding funding for our new building to the Capitol Budget.

Our new station would not have been possible with city money had the community wanted to fund it on its own. We feel fortunate to have received a State grant for construction. We look forward to having the public see the new building at our grand opening after the contractor has finished this spring. 

David Berg

Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department

Public Information Officer

Unbelievably rude

To the Editor:

We moved to Petersburg a couple of years ago because we thought it would be a pleasant, friendly city. And while this has often proved to be a correct assumption, I am stunned by what has happened today. We live on S. Nordic across from a store. I was very surprised this morning when I looked out my front door and noticed that the company’s truck had not only pushed snow in front of our 2 driveways, but had strategically left the truck where I could get out neither of our cars. I did go ask if it was their vehicle who had done this and if they could rectify the situation. They promptly moved the truck, but left several boulder sized snow balls in front of my driveways. Within 5 or 10 minutes, I then had some white van block one driveway and a plow truck from another local company park directly in front of our other driveway - both of whom went over to the store and stayed nearly a half an hour.

I find it very hard to fathom how rude a select few are in Petersburg - this type of action would never even occur to me - it is simple common courtesy. This is not a condemnation of our town, but rather a reminder that we all should show our neighbors some measure of courtesy, and that people should not purposefully negatively affect our neighbors.

To the vast majority of our Petersburg residents, I thank you all for the warm welcome you have shown us. I hope that the few rude folks here can learn from your example.

Jerry Steuber

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