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City drops pollution insurance requirements for lessees and establishes, “best management practices” policy


After over a year of back and forth debate, the city council and the harbor advisory board have agreed to drop pollution insurance requirements for persons using and, or leasing city land and requiring best management practices which are specified in the lease documents.

Furthermore, the city would use two standard lease agreements — one for short-term leases at Scow Bay Turnaround that addresses specific Best Management Practices that must be followed at that location, and another for long term leases.

The leases address issues such as clean-up using tarps, dumpsters and avoidance of airborne pollution. Other topics addressed in the document cover sandblasting, paint management, toxic materials storage, bilge water and waste oil.

For long-term leases, such as that sought by Island Ventures, LLC, the document would address the same issues but such practices set forth would be established for each individual lease.

The lease with Island Ventures has been dormant for numerous months while the City has contemplated how to address environmental pollution concerns for lease parcels. John Murgas of Island Ventures has shown interest in resuming his lease from March 1, 2012 through Feb. 28, 2016 under the new terms and conditions approved for Scow Bay Leases.

Murgas provides boat haul out services for boat owners who do their own work at the Scow Bay site.

The city council approved extending a new lease to Murgas.


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