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City RV park and dump facility going away with library construction


The city is exploring new options for the recreational vehicle staging area and dump/water station services now located in the parking lot adjacent to the Romaid Building. The new library will be constructed on that site beginning this summer.

The city manager advised the city council at its Wednesday meeting that he asked Chris Cotta to look into alternatives for continuing the RV services after the existing dump/water stations are removed.

Among the alternatives suggested by the manager:

—Locate the dump and water stations at the wastewater plant site on 14th Street just off Sandy Beach Road. Giesbrecht said this would not solve the short term parking needs and would require additional funding when a new office building is constructed on the site.

—Offer local businesses an incentive to provide the service. The city could build the facility and turn it over to private enterprise to operate.

—The facility could be located at Scow Bay, the South Harbor parking lot or the ferry terminal parking lot.

“Whether the City installs the services at a third party site, or on City property, there is likely to be some significant expense associated with the installation effort that will very likely not ever be recouped by charging reasonable fees for usage,” according to the manager.

Business owners have historically been lukewarm about taking on the responsibility due to the low revenue potential and risk for maintenance headaches like vandalism and spillage, even if the capital costs were absorbed, stated Giesbrecht.

Costs for installing a dump/water facility were estimated at $20,000 to $30,000 by the manager.

When the matter was discussed at Wednesday’s council meeting, two new locations were suggested for the facility. One was at a vacant lot near Outlook Park on Sandy Beach, very close to city pump station No. 5. The other was on the 3rd Street parking lot by the pool. It was suggested that RV owners may wish to make use of the park and recreation facilities and use the showers and bathrooms, and possibly bring new revenue to the department.


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