February 9, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 6

Editorial: Winter in the ‘burg

Our community is quite blessed.

The weekly police reports are short and smattered with inconsequential notations of our winter existence in a small town.

While big city felons wreak havoc elsewhere, our police respond to reports of birds impeding traffic while being fed on city streets. (We wonder why good old-fashioned stationary bird feeders won’t do the trick.)

Gathering teens are reported acting suspiciously, and responders discover all is well.

The police report is also our lost and found column. Everything from cash to jewelry to cell phones seems to be returned to the rightful owners.

Sometimes, we appear a little uptight such as when someone is calling a person names or when a Lumber Street caller “reported people spreading rumors.”

No. Not in Petersburg. Never.

This week police were advised that a caller, “was feeling watched and followed.” Absent a stalking incident, that too can be comforting.

In a big city, no one watches out for their neighbors. Everyone is too busy looking after themselves and their own belongings.

We loved the report of a person who had not been seen in a year, and upon reading the docket, an officer reported having seen the individual that very day.

On a week from Tuesday, we’ll have an audience with the Deputy Attorney General for the State of Alaska. He’s anxious to come listen to our problems and talk about both the meaning of justice, and the state of justice in Petersburg. From our conversation with him, he appears to be looking forward to the meeting on Feb. 21. We’re feeling optimistic about the outcome of the meeting.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy Valentine’s Day and reflect on the fortunes of living in this remote island community where things are just not all that bad.

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