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Picked, clicked thanked

To The Editor:

A couple of weeks ago the Pilot carried a nice article about Alaskans’ sharing their PFDs at unprecedented rates through the PickClickGive option on their applications. As possibly the smallest non-profit organization in Petersburg, WAVE wasn’t really expecting much of a response when we sent in our paperwork to participate in this program. What an amazing surprise when we received a check in the mail at the end of December. Twenty-five individuals, half of whom chose to remain anonymous, donated a total of $1300 to WAVE through their 2011 PFD checks. What a tremendous boost for our organization. Because of the confidential nature of providing advocacy services to victims of domestic violence and assault, WAVE does not operate in the limelight. It is through donations such as these, that we realize there is support among our community for the services WAVE provides. Operating on a tight budget, we can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

Currently WAVE has set up a temporary office in Room #1 upstairs of Coastal Cold Storage. Drop in hours are from 1 – 3 pm Monday through Friday. Our office phone for non- emergencies is 650-7123, and we provide emergency services through 518-0555, a 24-hour crisis hotline number. If you would like to learn more about WAVE, or who we are and what we do, please drop by the office and say hello.

Wendy Einerson

WAVE Office Coordinator

Working Against

Violence for Everyone


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