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Police Reports


Feb. 1: Vehicles were ticketed for impeding snow removal.

An iPod was reported taken from a vehicle.

A red, folding cell phone was reported lost.

A rear window of a vehicle was reported shot.

A 911 call was received from Kake. Kake personnel were notified.

Feb. 2: A caller reported a driver crossing the centerline and nearly causing a collision.

A trespass was reported after a vehicle was rifled through.

Public Works was notified of a water line break.

Feb. 3: Concern for children’s welfare was reported.

A caller reported harassing emails from Nigeria.

Several 911 calls were received of an assault.

Feb. 4: A lost hearing aid was reported.

Alaska State Troopers reported electronics had been located.

A caller reported property missing from a residence.

Feb. 5: Police were notified of a vehicle pulling out and nearly causing an accident.

Juveniles were found passing something between them along with smoke. Police found no crime committed.

A caller reported, “Feeling watched and followed.”

Feb. 6: Children feeding birds created traffic delays along the roadway.

PMP&L was notified of a power outage at about 6 p.m.

A warning was given for stop sign violation.

A slow moving forklift was reportedly impeding traffic.

Reports of two speeding motorcycles that ran stop signs resulted in the arrest of Eric L. Cole, 25, on a charge of driving while license revoked.

A warning was given on Nordic Drive for inoperable taillight.

Feb. 8: A traffic stop was made and verbal warning given for failure to yield.

During this report period three burn permits were issued and one dog complaint was handled.


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