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A concerned tribal member

To the Editor:

It is with troubled emotions that I write this letter concerning the outcome of the unemployment hearing of Susan Harai and Petersburg Indian Association. Tribal members have not been able to get clear information of what is the financial condition of the tribe. Profit and Loss statements have only been let out to board members for review then required to return them before the meeting closes. The exhibits listed on the unemployment hearing site are alarming especially when the hearing officer states in her conclusion that “sufficient evidence that the financial activities of the administrator were highly questionable at the very least.....”

I am hoping that with PIA election day tomorrow, that tribal members will check this site and review the documents that are now public knowledge and decide for themselves that it is time for transparency. Each Tribal member has the opportunity to go to the ANB Hall 8am-8pm and sign in to vote. With so much good that has been done by PIA for the community in the past, it could all come to an abrupt end if the financial concerns are true.

Federal dollars come from all tax payers, Native and Non-Native. Honest business and transparency is the expectation. If there are not answers, then what is there not being disclosed? As a concerned Tribal member, I am hoping that all tribal members will come to the ANB hall to vote. I am hoping that all tribal members will ask questions. I am hoping that all tribal members will come to the open board meetings and share concerns. PIA board meeting minutes are public domain, reviewing the business, actions or non actions should be read. It is the voices of the many that will influence changes that can lead Petersburg Indian Association back to a path of doing great deeds in the community again.

Brenda Louise

PIA Tribal Member

I’m running for PIA Board Chair

To the Editor:

I am running unopposed for the position of Board Chairperson for the Petersburg Indian Association as elections will be held Friday, February 17.

It will be my honor as board chair to continue to build up trust among board members and the tribal members of Petersburg. I am very excited to bring to the board fresh ideas, transparency, openness, honesty, and financial stability to keep Petersburg Indian Association strong and united for many years to come.

I look forward keeping tribal members informed, listening to concerns, gathering information to serve the native community with a positive and proactive approach. I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve PIA as board chair.

Ronelle R. Beardslee

Tribal members vote on Friday

To the Editor:

To All Tribal Members:

As a concerned tribal member, I would like to encourage all other members to vote in the upcoming election for tribal council. The tribal council has authority over and decides the direction of our tribal organization. Petersburg Indian Association has the potential to be a great asset to our community and a source of jobs. However, in order to be an asset to its tribal members the leadership has to be up to the task and have in its best interest the concerns of its tribal members.

In October, as voting tribal members of a democratic tribe we were done a disservice. Four of our tribal council members resigned and their replacements instated by the remaining minority. This was not a democratic process.

It is a very important election on Friday. Based on my experience, PIA has the potential to be great community asset. We just need the leadership with the necessary integrity and vision.

Tomorrow we have the chance to choose candidates with this vision and integrity. Please vote. It is your right.

Rosalie Grant


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