February 16, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 7

Police reports

Feb. 8: Officer issued warning for inoperable headlight.

Officer responded to a report of a family fight, no evidence of physical assault was found.

Officer responded to a report of someone being locked out.

Feb. 9: Officer issued a warning for failure to stop at a stop sign.

An anonymous caller reported a drunk driver.

Caller spoke with officer concerning harassment.

Caller reported an abandoned vehicle.

Driver struck a deer.

Caller reported receiving several harassing phone calls and text messages.

Officer responded to a family dispute.

Ambulance was dispatched and officer responded.

Feb. 10: Harbormaster requested a boat and trailer impound.

Caller reported a driver was speeding.

Caller reported the theft of a camera.

Caller reported a missing cell phone.

Caller reported a slippery road surface. DOT was notified.

Caller reported a missing birth certificate and Social Security card.

Caller reported finding a backpack.

Caller spoke with an officer regarding a civil matter.

Caller reported losing a set of keys.

Feb. 11: Caller reported burning stumps.

Officer assisted port authorities.

Feb 12: Caller reported hearing a woman screaming. Officer responded, but was unable to determine if there was a disturbance.

Caller reported being locked out of vehicle.

Caller reported seeing an intoxicated person needing assistance.

Feb. 13: Caller requested test of 911 call boxes. Test conducted.

Caller reported theft from vehicle on S. 5th St.

Caller reported someone had broken into car on Fram St.

Caller reported three vehicles were broken into on Kiseno.

Caller reported a bag of change was stolen from a vehicle on Kiseno.

Officer issued a speeding ticket to Kenneth Rock on Mitkof Highway for going 50 mph in a 40 mph zone.

Caller reported bumping into a vehicle.

Caller reported an abandoned vehicle.

Officer issued a warning regarding inoperable headlights.

Officer issued a citation to Ian R. Hamilton for inoperable taillight.

Caller reported missing vehicle. It was found.

Feb. 14: Person turned in cell phone. It was claimed.

Caller requested extra patrols on Scow Bay Loop Rd.

Officer responded to a family dispute.

Caller reported youths in street, one came into a carport on Town Tr. Pk.

During this report period two burn permits were issued and EMS was called out one time.

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