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Kathryn and Tony Schwann pose for a picture on the pontoons of their floatplane in 1939.

February 24, 1982 - The new Petersburg Ferry Terminal opened Tuesday, and Monday was moving day for the office crew. Boxes of office supplies sat outside the new ticket counter area which is surrounded by a plush, roomy waiting area for ferry travelers. The new ferry terminal is about 3 times the size of the old facility.

February 27, 1992 - The U.S. Forest Service is trying to find out if local residents and agencies are interested in a proposed road that would connect Sandy Beach and Cabin Loop Roads in the northern part of Mitkof Island.

The four-mile road would roughly run parallel to the shoreline about half a mile inland. Probably 16 to 18 feet wide, the road would follow the street plan for the Frederick Point subdivision as laid out by the state, said U.S.F.S. forest engineer John Bowman.

Some local residents support the road because it would open the northern part of the island to recreation and development. It would also provide greater access to what is known as the “ski bowl,” which a group of local skiers would eventually like to develop into a ski lift area.

The road would probably be built in 1994 or 1995, at a cost of about $680,000.

February 28, 2002 - Although the weather was not unfishable, it did force some fishermen to move to more protected areas and was only one of the reasons for the low tanner crab catch number.

Another factor for the low catch was the season started on Feb. 15 and ended on Feb 21, one fewer day than last years. More boats started out targeting brown king crab, which also reduced the fleet fishing for

tanner crab.

As of press time the official numbers had not been tallied but based on the average boat catches it appears that close to 950,000 pounds of tanner crab were harvested. The final price for this season’s tanner crab harvest has not been settled upon, but it could end up lower than last season’s $2.30 per pound.


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