February 23, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 8

Letters to the Editor

The plow man is missing

To the Editor:

What ever happened to the city’s road grader? We know the plow man retired years ago. Why haven’t we replaced him? I’ve seen (working in his place) as many as four men, two trucks, one loader and two shovels, wow.

How is that as effective or inexpensive as one man and one grader? It’s not.

Our streets are horrible. Ira II looks like a dry river at the bottom of the Rockies, 6th Street like area 51 bomb range, and 8th Street more like prairie dog mounds in Nebraska.

We could save an enormous amount of money if we quit squandering funds like this and hire a plow man to run the grader again. Our streets would be much nicer and safer again. If some only noticed, the plow man was missing.

Beth Moreland

Take action about school funding bill

To the Editor:

The Petersburg School District has reduced its staff through attrition by 7 in the last three years and without an increase to cover rising expenses the school district will be forced to consider further cutbacks in programs and services for our children. Fellow school board member, John Bringhurst, and I spoke with a number of legislators about education funding last week in Juneau. Senate Bill 171-Increase Base Student Allocation passed the Senate in record time by a vote of 18-2. After reviewing the supporting documents and testimonies we, and the Association of Alaska School Boards, want to express our strong support for SB 171. We feel it is the best funding option that has been proposed in the Legislature. The bill is now in the House Finance Committee where it needs to have a hearing so it can be voted on by the committee.

The school district has posted on its website (www.psgsd.k12.ak.us) many of the facts concerning this bill for your review.

We would strongly encourage you to email the members of the committee and the governor if you favor SB 171 and urge them to vote for the bill. The email addresses are on the district website. Another easy way to email the legislators is at: http://legis.state.ak.us. If you do not have access to a computer the LIO or the library have computers you can use. Public input is a powerful tool to move bills through the Legislature and influence the governor to sign them into law. You can help to make a positive difference for our children.

Jim Schwartz

School Board member

Talked around the issues

To the Editor:

To Richard Svobodny:

Thank you for taking the time to come to Petersburg and attend our Town Hall discussion.  In all honesty, that's all I can thank you for.  In my opinion, you didn't answer the majority of the questions that were posed, talked around the issues that you didn't want to deal with and filled us full of information that wasn't relevant.  You stated that you didn't do any research on Petersburg before you came because you didn't want to get into statistics.  Lack of preparation is not acceptable in any occupation.  If you don't realize what our situation is, then how can you even enter into a discussion about it?

We come to you asking, no begging, for help and we get excuses from you, not hopeful words of encouragement, ideas or suggestions.  I hope that our City Council is able to secure funds for an additional DA that will help the Police Department and the citizens of Petersburg with the crisis we are facing.

Carli Byrer

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