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Police Report


Feb. 15 - Fire alarm activated on 100 block of N. Nordic. Fire dept. responded.

Officers reported to a possible intruder on Wrangell Ave. It turned out to be a contractor.

Caller complained of youths yelling and jumping on cars on 3rd Street. The youths were gone by the time officers responded.

Officers responded to a family dispute on S. Nordic.

Officers reported to a possible intruder on Sandy Beach Rd.

Feb. 16 - Caller requested EMS, officers assisted.

Caller reported an angry driver who sped-off from the High School.

Officers issued a warning for inoperable headlights at the crane dock lot.

Feb. 17 - Caller reported chickens on the loose on Hogue Alley.

DOT reported an abandoned vehicle on Mitkof Hwy.

Caller reported some documents had been destroyed.

Caller reported having explosives in Middle Harbor

Officers cited Permilia Lyons, 48, for disorderly conduct on S. Nordic.

Caller reported a fight on Fram Street. Individual was taken home.

Feb. 18 - Caller spoke with officer regarding prescription medications on Kiseno St.

Report of a gas stove fire on Scow Bay Loop. Fire dept. notified.

Caller reported a reckless driver at Gjoa and Nordic.

Stephen Waddle, 35, arrested on charges of assault, on S. Nordic Dr.

Feb. 19 - Officer issued a warning for inoperable headlight on S. Nordic Dr.

Caller reported a stray dog on S. Nordic Dr.

Unknown suspects put sugar in a gas tank, officers responded.

Caller reported a deer hit by a vehicle.

Caller reported a dog was attacked by another dog on Unimak St.

Feb. 21 - Rustique Wilde checked in to serve jail time for DUI.

Caller reported harassment on N. 3rd St.

Officer issued a warning for obstruction of registration tag at 1st and Fram.

Officers issued a warning for expired registration.

Ambulance requested.

During this reporting period three burn permits were issued and one dog complaint were handled.


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