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Middle school wrestling championship results


Petersburg took 5th place at the Southeast Middle School Wrestling Championship that took place Feb. 17 – 18 in Juneau, according to coaches Rob Schwartz and Ed May.

Champions - Buddy Stelmach-75 lbs. Buddy had an outstanding tournament and found a way to win against tough competition. He’s a smart, determined wrestler.

Ethan Bryner-210 lbs. Ethan has worked hard improving his strength and wrestling skills. He is a smart competitor and that helped him win in the semi-finals and finals.

Runner-up - Isaiah May-127 lbs. Isaiah wrestled a great tournament winning several tough matches to get to the finals. In the finals he faced the returning region champion from Craig, Wyatt Patten. Isaiah continually improves and is determined to become a champion.

Third Place - Cody Stelmach-121 lbs. Cody lost a tough match in the semi-finals but came back to win two matches to take third. He is an excellent team captain and leader.

Fourth Place - Chris Burke-90 lbs. Chris is a talented athlete and very competitive. He was in a tough weight class but fought hard winning 3 matches with pins to take fourth place.

Andrew Duddles - 115 lbs. Andrew is one of our most improved wrestlers over the past three years. In sixth grade he made a decision to work hard. His work ethic will continue to pay off as he improves as a wrestler.

Mallory Nilsen - 174 lbs. Mallory is a first year wrestler. He is smart and has a “funky” style of wrestling which makes it difficult for his opponents. If he decides to keep wrestling in high school, it could be interesting to watch.

Other Results: 85 lbs. - Teag Schwartz - 1 win/2 losses - 7th place; 90 lbs. - Zach Christensen - 0 wins/2 losses; 95 lbs. - Matt Bray - 2 wins/2 pins/2 losses - 7th place; 110 lbs. - Ethan File - 2 wins/2 losses - 7th place; 115 lbs. - Mike File - 3 wins/3 pins/2 losses - 5th place; 127 lbs. - Tucker Hagerman - 0 wins/2 losses; 133 lbs. - Ben Johnson - 2 wins/2 pins/2 losses; 140 lbs. - Stuart Medalen - 0 wins/2 losses; 174 lbs. - Brandon Ware - 2 wins/2 losses - 5th place; 174 lbs. - Kirk Evens - 3 wins/2 pins/2 losses - 6th place; 210 lbs. - Abi Bennett - 0 wins/2 losses.

“This young team has many athletes “new” to wrestling. They have all worked very hard since before Christmas, and Coach May and I have seen a huge improvement in their wrestling skills. They are getting much stronger physically and mentally. I believe our endurance was the best in the region. We need to work on strength, agility, speed, and wrestling ability. They have the desire and work ethic. We need to transfer that desire into success with training and wrestling experience. They are a unified team who listen to their coaches and support each other. It was a great team to travel with-true gentlemen, said Coach Schwartz.


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