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Mainstreet in Petersburg in 1937, looking north towards Petersburg Fisheries.

March 3, 1982 - The “Jaws of Life” was recently purchased by the Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department, with $10,000 in donations from the community. The hydraulic rescue tool can exert approximately 25,000 lbs. of force for lifting, breaking and prying parts of cars, when victims are trapped inside. The equipment has other accessories and can be used in a variety of rescue applications.

February 27, 1992 - Oil spills in the Petersburg Harbor have become so frequent in the last year that if they don’t stop soon, the U.S. Coast Guard may board boats and draw oil samples from every vessel to crack down the offenders, harbor master Jim Stromdahl said.

The maximum penalty for spilling oil is $25,000. For the last year, pools of oil have been appearing in the harbor two or three times a week, the harbor master said. “It’s been so bad down here that it burns your eyes and you can smell the raw fuel,” Stromdahl said.

February 28, 2002 - The Valhalla floor of the Petersburg High School gymnasium is cracking and creaking and groaning, and even has a chip or two missing. Not to mention “dead spots” – areas that can cause a basketball to take a funny bounce.

A past school board meeting revealed that the floor could be resurfaced for $25,000. Six to eight thousand dollars is already spent annually refurbishing the floor. The two-week process only involves taking the varnish off and revarnishing, not repainting. In 15 years the floor has never been repainted, and in actuality is not an officially lined court as the center line does not pass through the center jump circle. The Hillyard representatives that supply the chemicals used to refurbish the floor have stated the court needs to be redone. For an additional $18,000 the court could be babied like an antique rocker, taken down to the bare wood and resurfaced. This would include relettering, repainting, and a new Viking logo.


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