March 8, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 10

Police Reports

Feb. 29 - EMS responded to meet a medevac on the ground at the airport.

Officers responded to a call of a dog being attacked by another dog on the 1300 block of Howkan.

A resident on Excel Street called for assistance after being locked out of their residence.

March 1 - A caller reported noises coming from the lumber yard.

A deer was hit by a car on Mitkof Highway, officers responded.

Officers responded to a parking violation on S. Nordic Drive.

March 2 - Officers responded to a parking violation on Haugen.

A caller reported damage to a vehicle following a hit and run accident.

Vehicles were blocking a driveway on S. Nordic, officers responded.

Officers responded to a report of an abandoned vehicle on Howkan.

Dogs had run away on Lumber Street, officers responded.

March 3 - Kelly L. Scaduto, 45, was cited for reportedly driving 35 in a 25 mph zone on the 1100 block of Haugen Drive.

Eleanor Hegar, 63, was cited for reportedly driving 50 in a 40 mph zone near the 2 mile marker of Mitkof Highway.

Officers found a vehicle in a ditch on Sandy Beach Road.

March 4 - Officers stopped a 17-year-old on Haugen Drive and issued a citation for Minor In Possession By Consumption.

Noisy neighbors were reported on the 200 block of S. Nordic, officers reported.

Caller reported sliding through a stop sign at N. Nordic and Haugen Drive due to road conditions.

March 5 - Unknown suspects stole property from a building on Haugen Drive.

An aluminum ladder was reported to be in the middle of Mitkof Highway near the 6 mile maker. It was removed.

Officers received a report of a large amount of garbage on the back deck of a residence on South 7th Street.

Stephen Waddle, 35, was arrested on suspicion of Violating Conditions of Release, after officers responded to a report of an intoxicated person.

Jeremy Schouweiler, 38, was arrested on suspicion of DUI, after witnesses reported a hit and run.

March 6 - Officers and EMS were called to the site of a vehicle roll-over on Mitkof Highway.

Caller reported a traffic offense on the 400 block of Haugen Drive.

Officers responded to suspicious activity on S. 2nd Street.

EMS was called to the 300 block of N. Nordic.

There was one report of a barking dog and two burn permits were issued.

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