March 15, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 11

Harbor security cameras capture dumpster freeloaders

Newly installed security cameras at the city harbors have enabled the department to photograph freeloaders attempting to stuff personal trash into harbor dumpsters.

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These security cameras are newly installed in the city’s harbors.

While boat owners are entitled to dump reasonable amounts of boat related trash into harbor dumpsters, oven ranges and full-size chest freezers don’t belong in the public trash bins, according to Harbormaster Glo Wollen.

On March 5 in the South Harbor near the city crane dock, security cameras clearly captured images of individuals lifting a full-size kitchen range into a dumpster. Wollen contacted the individuals and gave them the opportunity to remove the range from the dumpster. She informed them that if harbor employees delivered the range to the baler facility they would be billed $250 to cover the employee and equipment time and the sanitation fee the harbor is charged for additional trash pick-ups. Wollen said the subjects had the object removed and hauled away in just a few minutes.

On Feb. 29, harbor security cameras captured an individual off-loading a stand-up chest freezer from a pick-up into the dumpster. According to security footage, the individual removed the freezer door and placed it in one dumpster, and then attempted to shove the freezer over the rails of his pick-up, into another harbor dumpster.

Dumpster covers failed to allow the freezer to be placed into the city’s container so the individual pushed the freezer back into the bed of the pick-up and drove away.

Harbor employee Ed Tagaban said he once removed 440 lbs. of steel cable from a dumpster that was too heavy for the city’s equipment to lift onto a truck and haul away.

Wollen said boat owners with exceptional trash loads may contact her office for disposal of large loads. An additional fee will likely be assessed, she added.

The city instituted the $40 voucher program several years ago when it discontinued free dump days during city clean-up week each spring.

The voucher program is not widely advertised by the city.

“The city’s trash voucher is a killer deal,” Wollen said. Lots of trash can be taken to the baler for just $40.

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