March 15, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 11

Romiad to be moved by the end of April

After a lengthy debate, the Petersburg City Council worked out the details of a $210,000 loan to local business-owner Pete Litsheim to move the 29-year-old Romiad building from its current location on Haugen Drive to the lot next to Scandia House on Nordic Drive.

The soon-to-be-removed Romiad building on Haugen Drive.

The Petersburg City Council met in a special session on Thursday to discuss the terms of the loan agreement between Litsheim and the Petersburg Economic Development Council (PEDC).

The council members and the mayor, on Feb. 21, had voted to unanimously approve the loan, but some questions arose regarding collateral, title insurance and other details.

The agreement called for collateral that included not only the Diamante` Gift Shoppe, but also an additional piece of property owned by the Litsheims.

Liz Cabrera of the PEDC recommended additional collateral, but the mayor and city counselors agreed it wasn't necessary. The council unanimously voted to approve the loan.

Litsheim will rent equipment from Haul and Dolly in Iowa to move the 40x60-foot building. “I've studied this thing from top to bottom, from left to right. I'm ready,” Litsheim said.

Rock-N-Road Construction is also under contract to clean up the lot before construction on the new library will begin.

The Romiad building will be moved by April 30.

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