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School fire alarm service outsourced


It's spring break for Petersburg students, but maintenance workers and other facilitators have been busy during this student-free week.

Tye Petersen, facility maintenance director for the Petersburg School District reported to the School Board on Tuesday that the he and his staff have been working on several projects at the three schools.

As part of keeping up the grounds Petersen and his team of five workers are doing some concrete repairs between the Voc. Ed. building and the High School, and making other safety improvements to school grounds.

“We walked around with the insurance company people and started making improvements,” Petersen said.

Petersen also said the fire alarm signal will no longer go to the police dispatcher, but is now out-sourced to a call center.

“It used to be when the [fire alarm] rang it would come in to the City here, but the equipment they have is quite out-dated,” Petersen said.

Petersen and his staff ran tests this week that triggered at least one false alarm, he said.

Work at the schools will continue throughout the week.

“Other than that, we are just in the classrooms doing some work here and there. It's nice not having the students around,” he said.

The Board approved a motion to award Jensen Yorba Lott the elementary school wall replacement design. The board also approved the phase one payment not to exceed $50,000 at the appropriate time.

There are no finances set aside for this project, but the District has submitted an application for State funding. If the funding comes through it would be 70 percent state funding and 30 percent from the School District. But the project calls for a 65 percent completion level before funds are released.

“We are hoping that by next summer, we can get started,” Petersen said, who presented the item.

As part of the Superintendent's report Robert Thomason said that the schools have been running “Lock Down” drills. A Lock Down is a procedure initiated by school officials when it is believed that there is a credible threat to student and staff safety. Teachers and students are told to stay inside their classrooms until the end of the Lock Down.

“The staff made some observations, and we've made some corrections. You just want to keep doing it until finally you get it down. But with these lock down drills, if you're reading the papers, is something we want to get very good at,” Thomason said. “Everyone will say, 'That can't happen here,' but if it does, you want to be

ready for it.”


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