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Two-day extension given for borough boundary comments


The Local Boundary Commission (LBC) extended the deadline to receive comments on the proposed Petersburg Borough boundary lines by two days, from March 28 to March 30.

“This actually benefits us,” said City Manager Steve Giesbrecht. “Juneau had some delays getting their petition turned into the LBC staff, and we wanted to be able to see their report before we finalized our comments to the LBC staff preliminary report. This two day extension actually was a slight help.”

The LBC issued, on Feb. 27, a report giving recommendations regarding changes to the boundary lines. The public had 30 days to comment.

In the LBC report, it was recommended that the boundary lines be redrawn to leave out Tracy Arm and its watershed, as well as the Whiting river watershed in the extreme Northeast corner of the proposed borough – cutting 406 square miles out of the original proposal.

The LBC's recommendation left areas such as Hobart Bay inside the proposed Petersburg borough boundary lines.

“We issued a supplemental notice to clarify and make explicit that the staff had recommended to the LBC that the boundary be altered,” LBC spokesman Brent Williams said. “The public comment period was extended by two extra days to give people at least two weeks to comment from when the supplemental notice was issued.”

“No party or member of the public had requested the extension,” he added.

The City Council on Monday unanimously voted in favor of the LBC's proposed northern boundary change of the Petersburg Borough.


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