March 29, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 13

Two wolves take down black bear on Stikine River

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Biologist Rich Lowell was able to photograph a black bear kill on the Stikine River on Wednesday, March 20 during a moose survey conducted by the department.

Rich Lowell / Submitted Photo
Two wolves, at both extremes of the frame are shown shortly after taking down a black bear, seen beneath the tree. Photo was taken by ADF&G biologist Rich Lowell last Wednesday on the North Arm of the Stikine River.

According to Lowell, “it appeared two wolves had just taken down the black bear right before we arrived overhead.”

The photos were taken on the North Arm of the Stikine River.

Lowell flew over the site 3-1/2 hours later after the wolves had eaten their fill and left the scene. Eagles had moved in to finish up the remains of the bear.

As for the moose survey, Lowell said they counted 86 moose, which he said was a respectable number, but a lower number than he had hoped for.

“The 86 moose seen on this flight was remarkably consistent with the 79 moose observed during a similar survey conducted earlier this winter on December 7, 2011,” according to Lowell.

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