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Bill Dunkelberger fishing shrimp in the 1930s.

March 31, 1982- Don Schultz has three months left before he retires as superintendent of the Petersburg School District, and the School Board has more than 100 applicants to sift through before the position is filled.

As of March 26, 102 applications had been received by the Alaska School Board Associations which was retained to conduct the search for a new superintendent after Schultz announced last fall his intention to resign at the end of June.

“That’s a lot of paperwork to go through,” said School Board President Patricia Norheim. The applications were accepted through Wednesday, and will be presented to the board in the near future along with comments from Bob Green of the Alaska School Board Association.

March 26, 1992- People who live out the road are no longer going to be able to call up the city and request an emergency water delivery when their wells or cisterns go dry.

The City of Petersburg has halted its water delivery service to residents not serviced by the municipal water system because the city lacks proper state permits.

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation directed the city to stop the service, unless it obtains a permit, which would cost hundreds of dollars, said water superintendent Bruce Jones.

The city would also have to purchase another truck to haul the water, instead of using fire trucks as it has been, Jones said. Rather than go to that expense, the city is going to leave the service up to the private sector.

Since 1988 when the service started, the Petersburg Fire Department has delivered water to 26 different residences. In 1991, the department made 40 water deliveries, totaling 140,000 gallons, assistant fire chief Doug Welde said.

March 28, 2002- The Viking cheerleaders brought home the inaugural trophy from the first state cheerleading championships, winning the First Place Coed Squad State Cheerleading Competition.


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