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Police investigate connection between under-age tattooing and high-profile thefts


A complaint of a minor who had been tattooed has led police to investigate not only the alleged tattoo artists, but also several other crimes including the theft of $7,000 in flooring.

Police served a search warrant at 306 Hungerford Hill #7, where they seized a large amount of tattooing equipment including 13 tattoo machines, a printer, sterilization equipment and ink, said Captain John Hamilton. It is illegal, in the state of Alaska, to tattoo anyone under the age of 18.

Police suspect the tattoo equipment could be the property of the late Richard Whidby. Whidby was shot and killed by then interim Petersburg Police Chief Jim Agner, on May 20, 2010 following an incident with police.

“A day after troopers released Whidby's house, it was burglarized,” said Agner. The burglars were never caught.

While gathering the tattoo equipment, investigators noticed more possible evidence right at their feet. The vinyl flooring and tile was quite new and lacked any molding around the edges, Agner said.

Police obtained a second warrant to be able to collect samples of the vinyl flooring and tile in connection with another case.

According to Agner, about $7,000 worth of vinyl flooring and tile had been stolen from Alaska Floor Covering last fall.

Police also recovered a small quantity of heroin from the residence.

Police have not released the names of individuals being investigated. No arrests have been made.


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