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Recent graduates of Basic Hunter Education course


Front row (left to right): Mark Hofstad, Matthew Short Middle Row: Mike File, Joe Short Back Row: Instructors Ted Sandhofer, Brent Akers, and Mary Meucci. These are graduated of the new “online” Basic Hunter Education Course available to those with previous firearm handling experience.

The Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game Basic Hunter Education (HE) courses provide training in firearms safety, and wildlife conservation as well as respect for natural resources, landowners, and other hunters. Graduates receive lifetime certification recognized by all states, Canadian provinces and Mexico. Conclusive evidence shows that the HE course has dramatically reduced hunting related firearms accidents - up to 75% in some states - and has brought about positive change in hunter skills, attitudes and behavior.

Front row left to right: (students) Kersten Lewis, Kirk Evens, Joshua Thynes, Rikki Lewis, Koby Pennington, Kyle Hagerman, Chase Maxwell, (instructors) Scott Newman, Brent Akers, Mary Meucci Back row left to right: (students) Tucker Hagerman, Stuart Medalen, Dan Volk, Blaine Volk, (instructors) Rich Lowell, Ted Sandhofer, Jim Agner


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