April 12, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 15

Possible drug deal gone bad results in chase on land, water

Police Chief Jim Agner described an incident that occurred on Saturday afternoon as something you would see in an action movie.

Police were called to investigate a robbery and the theft of a truck on Harbor Way. The alleged robbery victim is someone known to police who comes to town periodically to buy drugs, Agner said.

The man had reportedly approached a group of young people on Harbor Way to buy drugs. Instead of selling the man drugs, Agner said, they robbed him of about $125 and ran.

The man was able to keep up with them, so the suspects jumped in a truck and sped off through town.

The man caught up with the suspects in the South Harbor. Then the suspects reportedly jumped in to a skiff that already had a person in it. The skiff sped toward to the North Harbor, where the person who had been in the skiff got out.

Then the skiff took off again.

“It's my understanding that the skiff sank and was later recovered. There might be some charges regarding that,” Agner said. He added that the skiff sank about an hour or two after it left the North Harbor, but investigators don't know why. Police are using Harbor Security camera footage to identify the suspects.

Agner said that based on security camera footage, there were too many people in the skiff to be safe.

“My concern is there was stupidity involved,” Agner said. “I can't ever approve of people stealing drug money, stealing any money, or doing anything illegal … or dealing drugs. None of that is good,” he added.

As of press-time no charges had been filled in this case.

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