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City Manager's report: Construction projects are making progress


City Manager Steve Giesbrecht focused on the many downtown and harbor construction projects that are underway this spring and summer in his report to the City Council on Monday.

Giesbrecht led off his report with an update of the North Harbor project.

“We are continuing working with the Army Corps of Engineers on coordinating the North Harbor dredging as well as the construction project,” Giesbrecht said. “Public notices have gone out announcing upcoming Federal projects and final bid documents are forth-coming,” he added.

Giesbrecht spoke with the City's Juneau lobbyist about using the remaining Fire Department funds for the new Police Department project.

“The recommendation from Senator Stedman's office was to hold onto the remaining Fire Department funds,” he said. “There is about $1.3 million left in that fund. It can stay there for quite awhile. The plan is to take a look at what the design of the new police department is going to look like and then have a conversation at that point to see of the money should be freed,” he said.

“The one area I've asked the staff to look at is to find out the cost of moving the training tower out of Scow Bay. If Scow Bay is ever developed down the road, we probably wouldn't want that tower there,” he added.

Giesbrecht also reported the status of several other projects and activities that are underway:

• Library bids will be open on April 19 and Mountain View Manor Roof replacement bids will be open April 26.

• Parks and Rec is preparing its Summer Race Series. The series includes Lop the Loop 7K, CoH2o Sprint Triathlon and the Freedom Run 7K (a Mr. Guthrie Senior Memorial Run).

• The City sponsored a “Dead and Down” trial run, Giesbrecht said. The Dead and Down program allows residents to purchase low cost permits to remove wood that is blocking trails at Sandy Beach.

• The annual community clean up program will he held April 22 to 29.

• A lot of volunteers have been working on the ball field, getting it ready for the upcoming regional tournament.

• Two Kindle eReaders are now available for check-out at the library.

• Some of the furniture for the new library has arrived including tables, chairs, book carts and shelves. Funding for the furniture is from the Rasmuson Foundation Tier 1 grant.

“We are taking a look at it to make sure it is truly what we want before we order the rest of it,” Giesbrecht said.

• Street cleaning and sweeping has become a priority to the City and DOT.

• Construction on the new Wastewater office is moving forward. The contractor has poured the foundation and materials are on the way for the structure.

• A new sewer main has been installed as part of the Water and Sewer Reconstruction project on 2nd street. The contractor will be finishing service installs before installing the water main. The city is waiting on a proposal to pave 2nd Street after the work is complete.


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