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Redistricting board files appeal with State Supreme Court


With a Division of Elections deadline looming, the Alaska Redistricting Board has filed an appeal to the decision of a Superior Court Judge's decision ordering the board redraw district lines.

The Division of Elections has given the board a deadline of May 14, in order for the division to meet state and federal obligations for the 2012 elections.

Superior Court Judge Michael McConahy issued a decision in the 2011 Redistricting Cases v. Alaska Redistricting Board case, directing the board to redraw district lines.

In a petition filed on Tuesday, the board asks the higher court to review McConahy's ruling and reverse the decision.

“The City of Petersburg is disappointed that the Redistricting Board continues to challenge the courts on redrawing the lines,” said Petersburg City Manager Steve Giesbrecht.

“From our perspective, time would be better spent redoing the plan as instructed by the Superior Court and the earlier Supreme Court ruling. Appealing this latest judicial decision to the Supreme Court just makes it harder for the State of Alaska Elections Division, the legislators up for reelection, and the citizens of Alaska,” he added.

The City of Petersburg filed a response in Superior Court in April to appeal the board's decision to keep the city in the newly formed House District 32 with Juneau. The city had asked to stay in the same voting district as Sitka.


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