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Annual School Stikine River Trip


Students work together to pull the fishing net out of the water. Although the students made several attempts, no hooligan were caught.

Fourth grade students from Wrangell and Petersburg were treated to a trip on the Stikine River last Thursday.

Wrangell fourth grader Kade Torgramsen tries not to get tagged by his Petersburg opponent while the students played “salmons and predators” – a game inspired by “sharks and minnows.”

Jet boats from Alaska Waters, Summit Charters, Alaska Charters and Adventures and Alaska Peak & Seas transported the students to six learning stations that were situated along the lower river.

The hooligan fishery station was manned by Brennon Eagle and Winston Davies. Virginia Oliver shared her enormous wealth of Tlingit culture in the second station at Lower Limb Island.

At the Upper Limb Island station Wrangell Teacher Brian Merritt lead a bird walk.

Dave Owens of Petersburg was the leader of the Salmon Camp.

John Yeager and Ally Adams had the students constructing an emergency shelter on Cottonwood Island.

Corree Delabru and Brook Williams took the students on a Scavenger Hunt with the theme of “Take only pictures, leave no footprints.”


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