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May 19, 1982 - With a six-day halibut opening in Area 2 drawing to a close on Monday, local processors reported that they were still receiving mainly shipments from smaller boats fishing close to Petersburg and that it was too early to determine the overall success of the halibut season. Greg Olson, general manager of the local Witney-Fidalgo plant, reported that many of the fishermen from the smaller boats were saying that the season was a little slower than last year’s.

By Monday afternoon, Whitney-Fidalgo had received approximately 175,000 pounds of halibut and expected to know their total intake by early next week.

Prices offered for halibut at Whitney-Fidalgo were slightly higher than last year’s, and ranged from $1.20 per pound for a large fish; $1 for medium; and $0.90 for small.

May 21, 1992 - For the first time in recent years, Petersburg High School has not just one, but three students who have been designated “High Scorers” in the 1993 National Merit Scholarship Program. These juniors are Matthew Bracken, Seth Johnson and Sam Wood. Last October they took the PSAT/NMSQT test along with more than one million students nationwide and scored among the top 50,000 participants.

While all 50,000 “high scorers” have shown outstanding academic potential, only about 15,000 of them (the top scorers in each of the 50 states) will be honored next fall as Semifinalists in the Merit competition. Within this group, about 6,300 students will be designated as Merit scholars.

May 16, 2002 - The school board unanimously approved the hiring of five new teachers at Tuesday’s meeting, among them three local residents: John Kludt-Painter for middle school science, Louise Lindley for high school math, and Gregory Kowalski for first grade.

Thomas Cox Jr. of California will teach special education and coach wrestling next year. Carissa Cotta of Florida will teach middle school and high school language arts.


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