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Let us be teenagers

To the Editor:

This year Petersburg High School worked toward hosting a successful, safe and enjoyable Promenade. “Prom” is a classy event where students have the opportunity to dress formally and enjoy an evening with friends in a highly decorated special venue. We were a few of the students who attended Petersburg High School’s 2012 Prom: A Black Tie Affair. The junior class did an excellent job of decorating, and supplying tasty food and drinks.

However, if you talk to the students who went, the majority of them will tell you that they did not enjoy themselves. Students of the upcoming senior class have already stated that they don’t want a senior prom next year, and the upcoming juniors don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to throw it. When attendees arrived all the lights where on and chaperones were closely, monitoring their every move. Students were afraid to dance. The staff and chaperones did not even give students a chance to follow the new rule: face-to-face with a space. They just automatically assumed we were going to grind.

Finally, members of the prom committee had to beg the administration to at least dim the lights. After that, chaperones would frequently walk through the middle of everyone dancing, even though most kids were respecting the rule. Members of the same gender weren’t even allowed to dance too close to each other. Eventually, people just gave up on dancing and filled the tables waiting for prom King and Queen to be announced, so they could leave. School functions are supposed to provide a safe place for kids to have fun. They are not supposed to make kids want to leave to go to other inappropriate events that may be happening at the time.

As students, we have a few concerns regarding this dance and the ones to come. We felt that the administration should be worrying about bigger issues that are taking place in our school such as alcohol and substance abuse, finding fair punishments for mistakes students may make instead of ostracizing them and bullying.

We are young adults; we are making choices over these next years that will shape our futures. We think we can handle choosing how we dance. However, if the school feels strongly about it, a happy medium can be reached. If only the school would only make an attempt to talk to students about it and try to compromise. A lot of us were very embarrassed to read about this issue in the paper and on Facebook, or in a letter that was sent to parents before anything was said to the students. This is not a community issue and is something that could have been handled between the students, parents, and administration. It made us all sound like unclassy, promiscuous teenagers. We are capable of dancing tastefully.

Petersburg City Schools is going to quickly discover that kids aren’t going to come to school activities if the can’t ease up and let us be teenagers. These dances are thrown for us, the students, not the teachers, parents, or community. Let’s focus on bigger issues that are influencing our school, instead of dances that happen once every few months.

Jael Swanson, Carly Tate and members of the Petersburg High School Student Body

First annual Sr. senior prom

To the Editor:

Get out your dancing shoes. It’s time for the 1st Annual Sr. Senior Prom and we need your help. The prom is for all community members over the age of 65, Long Term Care residents, and Mountain View Manor residents. This event will be held on June 1 at 7 pm, at the Mountain View Manor. In preparation for this event, we are hoping for people to donate photographs of themselves when they were younger, preferably baby photos. If anyone would like to donate pictures, please send your name and address along with the photo to Petersburg Mental Health Services, Inc. We will be using these photos as part of the décor. Photos will be returned to their original owners after the prom.

Marci Kligmann

Petersburg Mental

Health Services, Inc


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