May 24, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 21

Petersburg Community Foundation names grant recipients

The Petersburg Community Foundation on Saturday awarded $7,000 in competitive grants to local organizations and a $5,000 discretionary grant to the new City Library.

Suzanne Ashe
Carey Case, Marlene Cushing, Sue McCallum, and Tara Alcock are representatives of some of the grantee organizations at Saturday’s donor event.

The announcements were made at a donor event held at Glorianne Wollen's home, amidst the busy Little Norway Festival weekend.

Foundation board member Liz Cabrera made the announcements and handed out the checks for the third cycle of grant fund bequeathments.

The recipients of the competitive grants include: $2,500 to the Clausen Memorial Museum for a new discovery center; $1,000 to Narrows Broadcasting toward the Lindenberg Mountain Transmitter replacement; $250 to Petersburg School District for the annual Stikine River Field Trip, and another $1,000 to the school district and Community Garden for a new hoop house for the garden. The foundation also gave $900 to Petersburg Humane Association for spay and neuter scholarships and $1,350 to WAVE for an emergency response system.

According to Cabrera, the foundation's current endowment is a little more than $330,000, which includes gifts and interest. The total amount awarded over the past three years is about $18,000.

“The process is pretty straightforward,” Cabrera said. “Eligible nonprofits submit applications that are reviewed by a grants committee. The grants committee, comprised of board members and donors, makes recommendations to the board. The board approves and submits these to the Alaska Community Foundation for final approval and disbursement of funds.”

Past awards have included: Funding for continuing education of teachers at the Petersburg Children's Center; funding for equipment for "Little Kids Who Rock" program at the elementary school; and equipment upgrades for Mt. View Manor Food Service Program.

Sue McCallum, director of The Clausen Memorial Museum, said the money will help open new doors of discovery.

“We are working on building a new exhibit, a discovery center, that will be fun for everyone to discover things about our natural environment here in southeast Alaska,” McCallum said. “The money from the foundation will go specifically for artwork for the center. There will be a lot of illustrations, drawings, blueberry bushes, animal tracks etc. that will have to be painted, built or drawn for the center.”

“It's a drop in the bucket,” McCallum added. “But I am busy writing another two grants to hopefully get the last of the money to build the exhibit.”

The discretionary grant given to the new City Library was a contribution to support the construction of the new library.

The contribution will be recognized with a plaque by the drinking fountain of the new building.

“Their donation, along with the many others that have been received, is an essential piece of the overall funding plan for the new library that demonstrates community support,” said Tara Alcock, City Librarian. “Needless to say, we are thrilled.”

The Petersburg Community Foundation Board members are Glorianne Wollen, Cindi Lagoudakis, Nicole McMurren, Cynthia Wallesz, Sue Paulsen, Sharla Coon and Liz Cabrera.

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