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Sense of irony noted

To the Editor:

I noted with a sense of irony the listing of several of the City of Petersburg’s witnesses to be called at the upcoming Local Boundary Commission hearing to testify on behalf of forming a borough.  Their special area of expertise is listed as the history of the City of Petersburg and its Norwegian heritage.

I wonder if they realize they are advocating for the demise of the City of Petersburg.  If the borough goes through, the current City of Petersburg will vanish.  From the day the borough is formed, they will be known as ‘Service Area One’.  Now, there is a catchy name for a proud 100 years of history.

I, for one, will be saddened by the loss.  R.I.P Petersburg, dead at the age of 100.

George Cole

Keene Channel


and wrong

To the Editor:

To the brazen person who took my 18 year old domesticated orange tabby cat from town April 22, released it at Man Made Hole, mile marker 21 I believe, this act was inhumane and it was wrong, if it’s catch and release, you need to make sure that it’s not someone’s pet.

Don Richards



To the Editor:

The May 3, 2012, Page 4 letter to the Editor by Ms O’Rear states that the Petersburg Borough Petition “is the result of a collaboration of scores of area residents” and the Charter was “prepared by 9 area residents”. This assertion misstates the facts and needs to be clarified.

Let’s review the facts:

On October 2, 2006, the 9 Charter Commission members concluded their work on a draft charter knowing the Charter still needed legal review. By Resolution #1813 dated October 2, 2006, the City Council accepted the Charter but first changed several of the sections important to people who live outside the City and off-island. Among other items the Resolution reduced the number of readings for the ordinance process and established a 6% borough wide sales tax at the time of borough formation.

The Charter Commission was also provided with a draft Petition with numerous options. We were not asked at that time to develop a complete and agreed upon Petition. A public meeting was then held in 2007 on that version of the petition and charter. The Council then initiated the gathering of signatures on that petition but after six months abandoned that effort.

In May 2008, the City Council resurrected the Charter and Petition. They directed Ms. O’Rear to contact the original charter Commission members to see if they would be willing to help update the Charter and Petition. Some Charter members agreed and some declined but a committee was formed. That committee was disbanded before they had their first meeting. The Council then decided to establish another committee consisting only of people that supported borough formation.

All the members of that committee were from Mitkof Island and all but one individual resided within the City limits. Five of the committee members were currently or formerly in the employ of the City. At a question and answer public meeting on the draft petition in 2010, the committee chair was asked if the committee received or considered the previous public comments on the petition from the 2007 public meeting. The answer was no. And despite considerable public comment at the two public meetings in 2010, the petition remained unchanged. There is a large distinction between gathering public input and actually using it.

To say the Charter and Petition had a lot of people working on it is true. To say the current Charter and Petition represent the interests, needs, and concerns of those outside Petersburg is inaccurate and misleading. Further, we believe neither document is in the best interest of those living within Petersburg.

Bob Lynn, Tom Reinarts, Harold Medalen

Former Charter

Commission Members

Truly awesome festival

To the Editor:

Another Little Norway Festival has come and gone, and what a great one it was.

All due to the many hardworking townsfolk and the visitors who took part, it was a truly awesome festival.

At the Sons of Norway Jeff and Alana Pfundt chaired our Scandinavian Bunad Style Show/Luncheon along with Sally Dwyer, Karen Rosvold and Glo Wollen. They and their steadfast crew put on another successful event. It was a full house where everyone enjoyed a lunch while watching a parade of beautiful bunads.  Another Sons of Norway function was the Kaffehus. Sue Flint and Sally Dwyer head up the sandwich crew, which got up at the crack of dawn to start the assembly. This year they made 650 open-faced Norwegian sandwiches. Another group of dedicated members help pull it all together. Sons of Norway members donate all the cakes, pastries, and cookies.They are truly wonderful, talented  bakers and I really appreciate their willingness to contribute their baked goods. When the food table was laden with the was a sight to behold. Mange tusen takk goes out to all the Sons of Norway members.

This year’s Little Norway Festival Committee did an amazing job. The chair person, Holli Flint along with her committee organized a weekend full of art, entertainment, music, dancing and food. Petersburg is known for feeding people well. This year’s Festival was dedicated to the Sons of Norway for celebrating its 100th Anniversary. Sincere gratitude to the LNC for recognizing the Sons of Norway and its presence here in our community. They also chose Dave and Nancy Berg for the Norwegian/American award. An award much deserved, as they donate an incredible amount of their time and energy to our community. Thank you Dave and Nancy.

Jill Williams

President of Fedrelandet #23 Sons of Norway


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