June 7, 2012 | Vol. 39, No.23

Two-story floathouse moved into Shakes Slough

The former machine shop on Ocean Beauty’s dock was renovated inside and out, placed on floats and towed up the Stikine River to Shakes Slough this weekend.

Submitted Photo
Jimmy Martinsen lifts the former shop structure from Ocean Beauty’s dock onto floats using the Tamico marine crane.

Partners Josh and Rachel Etcher, Sig and Amber Burrell and Eric Larson are partners on the project that has taken about two years, according to Amber Burrell.

The Western Mariner tug pulled the raft from Petersburg through Dry Straits on the Saturday morning tide. Later, two seine skiffs operated by Troy Thomassen and Jeremy Jensen pushed and pulled the floathouse across the Middle Arm Flats of the river on the Saturday night tide. By early Sunday afternoon the floathouse had made it to Twin Lakes and the final leg of the tow ended in Shakes Slough by 5 p.m. Sunday.

At one point, Burrell said, 12 skiffs belonging to friends were tied to the float, helping push and pull it up-river.

Burrell said top speed of the tow was about three knots on the river and in certain currents the speed slowed to 0.7 knots.

Burrell said the float will be moved closer to shore once the river floods in a couple of weeks.

“The floating structure is definitely the largest on the river,” according to Burrell.

The cabin will be used mostly for snowmobiling trips during the winter months.

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