June 7, 2012 | Vol. 39, No.23

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June 9, 1982 - Susan Payne is an artist at heart and a businesswoman out of necessity. When she receives a new shipment of earthenware slip for pottery, she also receives a $500 bill. The money’s got to come from somewhere. She believes she’s found a way—producing earthenware octopus pots for what she and a few others around Petersburg believe may become an important new off-season fishery.

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A look at downtown Petersburg in the 1940s. The Post Office can be seen on the left.

Octopots, Payne’s brand name for her pots, will be manufactured in a 30 by 40 foot warehouse she plans to install on her Mitkof Highway property. The pots, 16 inches tall and 11 inches in diamete...

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