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Made my day

To the Editor:

A heartfelt thank you to the person who found my wallet on Hungry Point Trail and turned it in to the police. Many thanks, you made my day.

Andrea Turner

Mounds View, MN

Correct title

To the Editor:

Regarding an article, "Flames claim home Sunday evening," published in the May 31 edition of the Petersburg Pilot, I noticed the reporter referred to the responders as Petersburg Fire Department. The name of that organization is Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department. While it may have been a simple writing-on-deadline error, I feel it should be noted that the firefighters who respond to fires in Petersburg are nearly all volunteers. I believe only two members of the fire department are paid staff, and the rest are volunteers. Those men and women give personal time for intensive training and drills in preparation for emergencies such as the recent house fire. The firefighters who responded at 10:45 p.m. Sunday, May 27, were members of the Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department. Duly respect their generosity and refer to them by the correct title.

Tammy Judd Jenny


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