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Major court house remodel underway


The courthouse has been remodeled to include a reconfigured jury box with all new facing to judge’s bench and jury box. A new judge’s entrance was added for easier bench access.

The Petersburg Court House has been going through some major changes and these changes are all making a positive impact on the building.

“Bathrooms have been added in the main reception area,” Court Clerk Cris Morrison said. “A law library and two adjoining attorney meeting rooms have been added as well.”

The court room has been enlarged and the jury box reconfigured and refaced.

“Everything is more efficient and well placed,” Morrison said. “And the judge’s entrance has been moved to make it easier for the judge to enter the courtroom.”

Contract Manager for the State of Alaska Court System, Dawn Molina stated the building needed to be remodeled for code compliance.

“We also had to follow the American Disabilities Act (ADA) codes,” Molina said. “Now the newly designed space will better serve the community.”

The facility also needed the upgrade in order to handle the caseload that is there.

“We will hold a grand opening for the public once the remodel is finished,” Molina said. “At this time a final finish date is not known.”


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