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Police reports


June 6

Individual reported the loss of a wallet containing credit card, debit card, Washington operators license, assorted pictures and papers and approximately $60 to $80.

The Petersburg Library reported a donation container stolen.

A possible intoxicated individual was reported in Severson’s Subdivision.

An officer was requested for a minor vehicle accident on Fram Street. Tasha L. Prus, 47, was issued a citation for limitation on backing.

Information was reported regarding possible animal cruelty on Howkan Street.

A vehicle was reported blocking the bike path entrance at Libby Straights. The vehicle was gone upon officer arrival.

Possible campers with alcohol were reported at Sandy Beach Park.

A request for assistance with alleged impending altercation at a bar on the 300 block of N. Nordic Street. Parties were separated upon officer’s arrival.

June 7

Noise complaints from guests were reported at N. First Street.

An illegally parked vehicle was reported at the 200 block of S. Second Street. Vehicle was reported to have been there for several days.

A welfare check was requested at the Library.

June 8

Loud music was reported at Skylark Drive.

Theft of a purse from a vehicle was reported at S. Nordic Drive.

A report of reckless driving and suspected driving under the influence on Mitkof Highway. Vehicle plate number was provided to officers.

A storm drain grate on S. Nordic Street was broken and exposing a hole. Individual covered the hole with a board and officers and Department of Transportation were notified.

The report of a taxi driving erratically on N. Nordic Drive was called in and officers responded.

Officer reported a deer chasing a patron on Mitkof Highway.

A report of possible harassment and a civil matter was reported at Kito’s Kave.

June 9

A report of possible contributing to a minor was received on Baltic.

An unlocked door of a business was found by an officer.

A report of someone going through a resident’s vehicle was called on Towne Trailer Court.

The possible damage to a gate at a business was reported on the 100 block of N. Nordic Drive.

A request for assistance in the removal of an individual from residence was called on Birch Street.

Suspected minor riding a four-wheeler in the street was reported on Noseeum.

An individual found a camera on Woodpecker Cove Road and turned it in.

A report of loud country music was called in on Kiseno. An officer responded and the music was turned down.

A boat was located and reported at Hammer Slough. When officers arrived all parties had departed.

A report of possible harassment was forwarded to the Alaska State Troopers on Mitkof Highway.

June 10

The report of an individual camping in their vehicle was called in at three mile Frederick Drive.

At Sunset Condos, birds were reported spreading trash left on a dumpster.

An open door was investigated at Sing Lee Alley. Officers patrolled and secured the building.

Officers contacted individual about a possible gas theft on S. Nordic Drive.

June 11

A missing watch was reported by resident.

Evidence of poaching was investigated on Lumber Street.

A report of possible probation violation was reported at Magill’s.

Officer turned the lights off in an unoccupied vehicle at South Boat Harbor.

A warning was issued for inoperable taillights on the 100 block of S. Second Street. Vehicle was subsequently parked.

June 12

A warning for speed was issued on Sandy Beach Road.

The possibility of harassment was reported on N. Nordic Drive.

In this reporting period there were six burn permits issued; five EMS calls and seven animal reports.


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