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June 23, 1982 - Four years after its formation, the Faith Christian Fellowship Church has got a pastor. When Bill Kleiner moved his family to Petersburg in late May, he brought more than plans of becoming the church’s first pastor-he brought plans to start a Christian school.

June 18, 1992 - Alaskan schools might add a thirteenth grade or they may dissolve grade levels altogether.

These are just a couple ideas being batted around by state educators as they piece together an education reform plan called “Alaska 2,000.”

“They’re not tinkering with the system. They’re changing the whole system,” said Harry Gamble, Department of Education administrator.

Education Commissioner Jerry Covey described “Alaska 2,000” to Rotary Club members at a meeting held last Wednesday.

Covey said that “Alaska 2,000” is compatible with Pres. George Bush’s “American 2,000” program. But the Alaska plan is being created specifically for this state’s needs.

June 20, 2002 - City Manager Bruce Jones announced the retirement of Fire Marshal Doug Welde. Ordinance #861, which passed in its first reading Monday, will reorganize the position as an “administrative officer of the city with department head status.” If the Ordinance passes, some duties of the Fire Chief will be shifted to the Marshal.


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