June 21, 2012 | Vol. 110, No. 25

Police reports

June 13

An abandoned vehicle on the road was reported on N. 14th Street.

Possible illegal camping was reported at Sandy Beach Park.

Extra patrol was requested at Magill’s.

A vehicle with no brake lights was reported on Haugen Drive.

A minor vehicle accident at the 300 block of N. Nordic Drive was reported.

The report of a red 4-Runner on the trail was called in at the Skate Park.

A red credit card holder with two credit cards was reported missing.

Children were playing at the new library construction site. Officer spoke with juveniles and encouraged them to make smarter choices.

June 14

Officers found a vehicle with doors open and articles strewn about on S. Nordic Drive.

Vehicle found ransacked on S. Nordic Drive.

Road closed signs were moved into the street on S. Nordic Drive and Surf Street.

Vehicle reported rifled through at Hammer Slough.

Keith Hanson, 21, arrested on charges of possible vehicle theft.

A report of someone breaking into a vehicle was called in on S. Nordic Drive

A vehicle clipped a pole and broke a window in a warehouse on Mitkof Highway.

The report of a motorcycle tipping over twice on Sing Lee Alley was called in.

An individual was riding around with an 18 month old on a four wheeler on N. 8th Street. The toddler was not wearing safety gear.

June 15

A truck working on the library project dumped a large amount of material in the roadway on Haugen Drive.

An unauthorized vehicle was parked in a private lot on N. Nordic Drive.

A burned and abandoned vehicle was reported on N. End Three Lakes Loop Road.

A citizen found a phone at the playground on Dolphin Street and turned it in.

Report of a hit and run accident was called in at the parking lot of GCI.

A bike was left at S. 2nd Street.

Justin Patrick, 26, was arrested on charges of possible assault, criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

June 16

A lost backpack was reported.

A loud pop and sparks on an electrical pole on Mitkof Highway was reported. Power and Light was called.

Theft of gas was reported at Hammer Slough.

Theft of a large insulated gray fish tote from a float at South Boat Harbor was reported.

A prisoner damaged jail property and attempted to jimmy the cell door lock at the Petersburg Police Department.

June 17

A broken board on the bridge at Sing Lee Alley was reported.

Possible gun fire toward the South Boat Harbor on S. Nordic Drive was reported. It was fireworks.

June 18

A missing iPad was reported and an officer was notified.

The request for extra patrols during the night was called for on Lumber Street and Lansing.

An individual fell into the water at South Boat Harbor.

The report of a lost check was called at Chief John Lott.

A dump truck lost the top part of its load at the airport.

Report of sparks and noises from a power pole was made at S. Nordic Drive.

A possible suspicious individual was reported at Eagle’s Roost Park.

A toddler being given a ride on the back of a dirt bike was reported on Lake Street.

June 19

The report of an individual running around and yelling was called in on S. Nordic Drive.

An officer on foot patrol found a building door open. The building was cleared and secured.

A resident found a wallet on Twin Creeks Road and turned it in.

Damage to a vehicle was reported on Lumber Street.

Threatening and inappropriate conversation was reported on S. Nordic Drive.

Officer responded to a report of a hit deer at 3 mile on Mitkof Highway.

Damage to a business sandwich board was reported at the 300 block of N. Nordic Drive.

A report of vehicles not stopping at the intersection of N. First and Gjoa was called in.

An officer found a packet of hunting papers at S. Boat Harbor. Party was notified to pick them up.

Four burn permits were issued; three animal calls were reported and one EMS call also occurred during this reporting period.

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