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By Ron Loesch 


Professional service will be maintained


Because of the alleged antics of a few bad apples, city ordinance 961 has been created, revised and discussed and will soon go before the city council. The ordinance revises the chain of command in the Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department (PVFD) along with other functions.

The ordinance was due for a revision because a lot has changed since current volunteer Sam Bunge assumed control of the department as a paid chief during his tenure (1998-2008).

Any leader of a volunteer organization will readily admit that it is difficult to maintain control of volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds to perform a common task for the community. Using the new ordinance to establish management of both paid members of the department with the volunteers has been a lengthy but worthwhile process.

According to discussion at last week’s Public Safety Advisory Board (PSAB), the majority of the department feels the revised ordinance will work for all parties.

While discussion at the meeting brought some harsh criticism of the PVFD to the table, rest assured the professional services (fire, EMS, search and rescue) will continue to be delivered to the public by both the paid and volunteer officers and crews that make up the department.

Given the rebuttal comments made to the PSAB by longstanding PVFD members Doug Welde, Will Bergmann and Sam Bunge we know the concerns brought forth by Jim Agner will be addressed.

We’ve got a solid core of dedicated volunteers in the department that are working with the city employees and manager to revise procedures that will, without a doubt, improve the services delivered to citizens of this community.


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