July 6, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 27

Police reports

June 27

A report was made of three lost keys on a white Arima float tag lost approximately three weeks ago.

Two iPod FM transmitters were taken from a vehicle on Marion. An officer was notified.

A case of possible public fornication was reported on Noseeum Street. An officer responded and spoke with the suspects.

Paraphernalia was found and turned in on S. 3rd Street.

Kids were reported playing in the library construction site on 1st Street and Haugen.

A vehicle was reported speeding up and down Lumber Street.

June 28

A report of smoke filling the hospital at Petersburg Medical Center was called in.

An individual accidentally backed into a parked vehicle on private property, at Petersburg Medical Center. No citation was issued.

A black and white rain jacket was taken from the library coat rack. Individual’s keys and cell phone were in the jacket.

A report of possible harassment on N. Nordic Drive was called into dispatch.

June 29

Cassandra Grant, 24, was arrested on charges of assault.

A report of pedestrians almost being hit by cars not stopping downtown was called in.

A warning was issued for speeding on Sandy Beach Road.

An individual walking toward another in an aggressive manner was reported at Nordic Drive and Excel.

A report of possible assault was called on S. 3rd Street.

Loud music from the bar was reported on Chief John Lott. Officers contacted them to turn the music down and shut the door.

June 30

A wallet that was left in a cab was turned in.

Kenneth Whitmore, 24, was cited for no proof of insurance at 3 mile Mitkof Highway.

A loud bang, then a power outage was reported on Mitkof Highway. Petersburg Municipal Power & Light was notified.

A lost black wallet and cell phone were reported on S. Nordic Drive.

A hole in the bridge on Sing Lee Alley was reported.

A group of juveniles walking around with a paintball gun was reported on S. 3rd Street.

A black 21 speed bike was reported taken from Mitkof Highway.

An individual driving an electric vehicle onto the bike path to allow vehicles to pass on Mitkof Highway was reported. Driver continued to drive on path.

Theft of gas cans from a boat parked in a driveway on Excel Street was reported.

July 1

An individual in an electric wheelchair in the roadway without safety markers on 2nd Street and Haugen was reported.

A report of an infant left alone in a vehicle was called in.

An abandoned bicycle was reported on the guard rail of the caller's residence on S. 2nd Street for one week.

Suspicious activity was reported at 710 Vesta Street. Extra patrols were requested.

July 2

A request for assistance with an individual not wanting to leave property was called in. Officers responded.

A lost silver iPod was reported. Individual last had the property approximately one month ago.

A juvenile was reported possibly shooting a BB gun at another individual on S. 3rd Street. Officer responded.

Four bicycles were reported found at Sandy Beach Park.

A disabled vehicle was left in a pullout on Mitkof Highway.

Two individuals looking as if they were about to fight was reported on S. Nordic Drive. Officer responded and spoke with individuals involved.

Kids were reported in area after hours at N. Nordic Drive.

July 3

A report of a possible intoxicated individual obstructing a business’s entrance was called at N. Nordic Drive. Officer responded and Metro Cab was contacted to provide transportation.

Noise from neighbors on Skylark was reported. Suspect had turned music down by the time an officer had arrived.

Lost keys were reported on S. Nordic Drive.

A vandalized vehicle at Fredrick Point Road East was reported.

A report of damage to vehicle at 1st Street and Gjoa was called in. Damage happened on July 2, individual didn't notice until July 3.

A green seat cushion flying from a boat was reported between 28 mile Mitkof Highway and Petersburg.

A report of alleged stalking was called in on Nordic Drive and Excel.

Adults allowing kids to shoot off firecrackers was reported on S. 2nd Street. Officer responded and only sparklers were present. They agreed to stick to sparklers.

Individuals came home on S. Nordic Drive and someone there assaulted them. An officer responded and Justin D. Falter, 24, will possibly be charged with Disorderly Conduct.

Van shuttle stop was blocked by a parked vehicle was reported on N. Nordic Drive. The vehicle was gone upon arrival.

Theft of money from a jacket was reported at 1st Street and Haugen.

Juveniles lighting fireworks in the middle of the street and scaring dogs was reported at 2nd Street and Haugen. An officer patrolled and spoke with group about fireworks ordinance.

July 4

Large orange marker cones taken from Scow Bay Loop Road in the early morning hours was reported.

A vehicle speeding on Sandy Beach Road was reported.

An individual allegedly verbally harassing and being aggressive was reported at the 200 block of N. Nordic Drive.

A young male possibly driving recklessly downtown was reported. Officer was given description of the vehicle.

Juveniles lighting fireworks in the harbor that scared the caller and caused them to fall in the water was reported at North Harbor.

Possible harassment was reported at Sing Lee Alley.

A stolen bike was reported. Individual thinks it has been repainted and is in use.

Kids were reported jumping guardrails into traffic lane on bikes at N. Nordic Drive. Officer spoke to the individuals about bike safety.

A report of theft from a vehicle was called in at South Harbor.

An individual throwing belongings out of a house on Mitkof Highway was reported. Officers responded.

There were seven animal reports, four EMS calls and 12 burn permits issued in this reporting period.

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