July 12, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 28

Dangerous Waters crew back in Alaska

The film crew from the "Dangerous Waters" TV reality show were released from Russian custody and returned across the Bering Strait on Sea-Doo jet skis. They are currently in Alaska.

According to a video update posted July 11, the team were given a helicopter escort up to the Russian border.

The team had been in Russia for five days, detained by authorities when they landed on the shores after crossing the Bering Strait on jet skis.

In the show, Folsom resident Steven Moll demonstrates how a Sea-Doo can be used for more than recreation. Last year, the team traveled from from Seattle to the waters of the Bering Strait, filming their exploits for a reality TV series.

This time around, they were detained by Russian authorities.

According to The Moscow Times, the crew claims they are being charged with entering a military facility and their documents have been seized.

In the new video, Moll said they should be released July 11 to head back across the Bering Strait.

According to the Russian newspaper, it is unclear whether the men were aware that "special permission is required, in addition to a Russian visa, to enter the Chukotka region."

In a website video, Moll said, "We're safe and hopefully we'll be home in the United States soon.”

He said Russian officials are showing the team members around town and won’t let them leave because they are worried about their safety crossing the Bering Strait. According to Moll, the team wants to leave but are not being allowed to do so for now.

According to family members, when the crew reached Russian shores, they were greeted by a tank and military personnel. In an online post, Moll (who still has his cell phone) said they may face charges and a fine.

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