July 12, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 28

Summer camp kids build a structure in the woods

The Petersburg Parks and Recreation Department Big Viking Summer Camp is in full swing and this week the theme for these campers is Ancient Ancestors.

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Shelly Pope
The Big Viking Summer Camp built a shelter from sticks and leaves in the forest surrounding Sandy Beach Park for their lesson on Ancient Ancestors. The kids are shown here in front of the shelter they built Tuesday afternoon. (Front from left) Ines Larson and Melanie Chase. (Back) Diesel Schouweiler, Tiffany Hartner, Kaitlyn Hicks, Max Marohl, Tausani Ieremia, Michael Durkin, Jake Hartner, John Bisset and Kate Bisset.

“We are trying to teach the kids the hardships of living on the land,” Brigham Young University intern Jake Hartner stated. “This is obviously not a true Tlingit structure, but they are getting the idea behind the activity.”

Hartner and his wife, Tiffany, also a BYU intern, guided the children to the woods around Sandy Beach Park.

Campers Ines Larson and Melanie Chase were the main architects for the project with the remainder of the...

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